a letter to Soho house

this is my actual letter of resignation after a year of service for this company.  I was essentially fired, but since there werent reasonable, legal grounds to do so, i was told to write a letter of resignation.  Needless to say, this isnt what they expected me to come up with.

I write the following at the risk of offending, with the intent to honestly voice my grievances.

Nick Caton, Nick Jones, Martin, Duncan, Gregorz, Dillon, Steve, Arnaud, Arnaud, Joe, Tracey, Bert, Gabbi, Agata, all my fellow staff members and anyone else who this may effect or concern:

Unfortunately, the fact that you are reading this means that I am resigning from Soho house.  At this point however, I am at a loss to explain my reasons why, as I am being asked to leave, without my wish to do so, which I find unacceptable.

As the case may be, currently, it can be said that clearly, an example is being made out of my behaviour. While I admit to being truant from work on two occasions (and admit also, that my behaviour is unacceptable) Nick Caton himself, when asked why not, admitted that he “can’t fire me” and would rather that I wrote this letter to terminate my employment, since there obviously isn’t, justifiable ground to warrant me leaving, and he “can’t be seen to be putting up with this kind of behaviour”.

In light of this decision of politics, I strongly argue that there are many other staff members who have committed and are currently committing equal wrongdoing (there are even members of staff working in the building who have been fired legitimately before) it is simply unfortunate for me, and fortunate for Caton that I am in a situation where my position can be weakened (terminated, in fact) and my downfall utlilised in an unacceptable manner that will strengthen Nick’s position of authority.

It is with the fact in mind that Nick is “doing what is best for his venue”, that I am serving my notice.  Furthermore, what is best for the venue is in effect, unjustly, unacceptably and inethically firing someone who has positively changed the complexion of the venue and the bars in particular; that what is best is firing someone who contributes solidly to the running of the bars and the venue on a whole; that what is best is firing someone who has superior knowledge and skills to offer and who has built a significant relationship with many of its clientele and that what is best is firing someone who is a positive liaison between staff and management, and therefore a member of staff who can improve an operation that is clearly in need of improvement.

What’s more is that I take pride in doing all of the above.

Once again, common sense has not prevailed, and doing things by a misconstrued and ambiguous book, built on company bottom line and corporate whoring has reigned supreme, in a true fascist manner, within a company full of puppets, clowns and drones.

I have enjoyed my time at the house and within the company – the challenge of it all has been what I will remember and learn from most, as well as the memory of a glimpse into a sometimes confused and convoluted world, that is entertaining and stimulating at the same time – and it is a shame that these circumstances have led to this conclusion.

Yours Sincerely,

Carlos H

Good luck with your lives.

8 thoughts on “a letter to Soho house

  1. Randomly, I came across this piece of literature. I too was working for the Soho House group, and couldn’t agree more with what you estate on this missive. I take my hat off for having the guts of doing so. I was horrified to learn of the lies, and treatment offered to some members of staff, pushing them right to the limit, to only replace them by new ones, willing to do as they’re told. All the best.

  2. Sorry, what are you going on about?? You state above that you missed work and your behaviour was unacceptable??? You should have been fired a long time ago. That’s why the government is bringing in some excellent legislation to make it easier to fire someone without giving any reasons. I work in banking and fire people regularly bu there’s too much paperwork involved…

  3. I work there as well, they steal their employees tips as well. I’m currently filing a class action lawsuit. I refuse to personally sit back watch/allow Soho House to steal their employees $ and build new ‘houses’ with it. There time is coming, it’s almost the end of this heinous corporation.

  4. This comment can be deleted after being read. The WordPress theme you’re using doesn’t allow people to access the “child page” of the pages listed in your left-hand navigation menu.

    That is, if I hover on “about” and see the other options, I go to click on one of those options … but the options disappear before I can click them.

  5. Also came across this randomly. Worked there 3 years. Yes, morals and decency are almost non-existent at Soho House! Although u shouldn’t bunk off work 😉

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