a lesson in British arithmetic

This is a true story.

I dont know what it was a tribute to – perhaps the people that frequent off licenses (dont we all?), the average education of the average person in London, the average person in London or drugs, or alcohol or ignorance:

I walked into an off license (sorry for repeating myself) and stumbled upon a local man who was changing an enourmous pile of copper coins that he’d managed to accumulate.  Luckily for him, the friendly Turkish man behind the counter was more than willing to offer some of his time to count the coins, and more than willing to change them for currency less in weight, but of equal value.

Typical English geezer then walks in and sees the situation, and since we’re all waiting for the hundreds of coins that are covering the counter to be tallied, he chooses to make light of the situation.  And oh how he did, exclaiming as he playfully pushed him on the shoulder, a token of his appreciation for the man’s good fortune: “Ha! –  Ya get a million pennies and ya get a million pounds! – Innit!” …  There were none of us more confused than him.  We all hoped he never had kids.  …Ever.

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