a conversation between mutineers

fuck that place man

they’re turning it in to a fucking house full of puppets

its going down


they’re trying to get rid of you man

free thinkers are dangerous

i swear ill never see eye to eye with any fucking piece of shit cunt from that place again

and if i do, its because im spitting in it

with a mouthful of methanol

and a lighted match in my hand

Just started seeing the receptionist, kinda giving me reason to try and stay…

you dont need to stay for her

she exists outside of that place

does she not?

Not really a good basis for motivation in the workplace..

you cant let them get one up on you man

She does….

they’re gonna force you out like they did to me

its all part of a plan

im sure it is

they’ve measured IQs

they’ve worked out the average

Monkey-Man scrapes in at 76 and thats that

they’re gonna force you out like they did me

they knew they didnt have a fucking leg to stand on

why do you think they’re still paying me!


Fuck ’em, I’m going to live in thailand after christmas, thinking of just getting a good bar job ’till then, saving some money and fucking off.

Are you gatting a month’s pay??

but when you say “fuck em” – you should really FUCK THEM



at 11 quid

for 40 hours a week


fucking hush money man

they know they’re operating outside the law

but im a loose cannon

im someone with intent

did you see my letter?

read it, two days ago, a man who wears glasses gave me a copy..

uh huh


hours after Milo and Kerrigan and Scrooge read it

i was gone

no need to serve notice

they clearly saw a situation that could flare up

so they tried to extinguish it

i told them what i thought of them

No one said a word when I got back for hours, the messenger  had to tell me what happened..

of course not


when Death Becomes Her saw me leaving

she was like

“where are you going!?”

you not finished!

how come you going home now!


its 1130!

and im like


i just got told to leave

you fuck

no-one had a clue

decisions are being made behind peoples backs man

its politics

and its the politics of a lame piece of shit, with people for appendages

people that eat shit

people that thrive on shit and swallow it whole

people that regurgitate shit

people that fuck shit

Scatt catchers.

thats putting it nicely

that makes it sound like a fetish at least

like there’s something to gain for either party

but this isnt the case

its just a stinking fucking mound of excrement

and everyone is pushing their heads into it

fucking cunts

Might put in for a transfer, just for some fresh air…

yeah sure man

Same fucking company though, is it worth it??

just bite the fucking bullet

liberate yourself from that fucking shit

the company’s reputation is a joke man

the whole industry speaks about it

and its not like its going to improve

i mean

their vision is smeared with shit

i mean

look at the basics

look at the staff they hire

look at the people in charge


they pride themselves on paying low wages

investing minimal time in their staff

encouraging cutting corners to cut costs

they got children like Childstuckinman’sbodystuckinchild’sbody in charge of important areas


they’ve got fucking drone, dour, sour, ugly, useless fucks like Musical Instrument representing the place at the front of the house


a friend of mine is here for 3 months right

she got a job at a cafe

just a café

a nice café

and they made her attend a week of food and wine tasting before she could even start

i mean

that shit is standard for companies with a decent vision

that company is merely becoming a merry-go-round for the shit that floats in on the breeze

and those who stay are simply fashioned into the ideal drones they want there

Robota – thankyousomuchitsnicetoseeyou – Puppetis

prime example number one

other user logged off.

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