The folllowing text messages – or small moments in history – are completely unrelated to anything that you may relate them to.  These are all every day moments in my life, open to massive interpretation, restricted by the realm of text message, and its limitations.  They all come from my past and as with every experience we choose to notice, contribute the fabric that weaves its way through, and dresses my life.  You can find more of this fabric – as with the fabric of life and humanity – if you read further into ‘history’


Bro do me a favour and take those last two photos off Facebook, im up for mashed up shots but not ones where im crashed out at a mates place, its one thing showing them to a couple of your mates but its another when you stick em up on the net.



Actually fuck it



Quite it funny



You fucked me up with that rum last night bro.  Celebrate good times.  Come on.



Of fuck…ok…dude can you kidnap him and bring him home so I can beat him up some more…



Shit bro I thought you were working… Just having a few drinks with work dudes so won’t be back for couple hours so I doubt I’ll be back there for chicken…. Are you frying up Dan marino too?


Hi there, this might should a bit random but I hear you have James Brosnan’s number.  I would like to talk to him about something that happened last week that’s pretty serious.  If you could give me his number it would really help me and my team out.  Dan Marino



Fuck shit fuck…I’m on my way to Dublin.  Not back till thurs night.  Sorry I forgot to tell you.  Dan marino can eat my share if his broken jaw can handle it



Cool.  En route for 13:15, have to buzz the tower.






Sound, found, round, pound, hound, drowned.  Clowned around mound.  Astounding.



Score.  Store door secure(ers), whores draws.  Spores moulds and fungus.  In my pigeon hole.  Otter’s noses smell roses.  Bone.




Actually dude, his message just says that his flight gets in at 10.25 it doesn’t say if its Arse Mouth of Penis Mouth.

something made of lightning…

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