Dear residents (some time in 2009)

Dear resident(s).

I have just recently returned home to Australia and The Gap, after over 2 years exploring the possibilities of the world.

To celebrate my return, and catch up with my family and close friends, I will be hosting a party in and around our house this evening (Saturday December 12th) from around 1930 onwards.

As parties usually go with me and my friends, there may be a normal amount of noise in the form of music, laughter, shouting, cheering and general, wholesome, boisterous, good-natured fun, as we wax lyrical on the last couple of years and no doubt, old times gone by.

I hope that you will be able to tolerate what we will ensure is a minimal interruption or vexation to your evening(s) and live(s).

I assure you that all of my friends and I are clinically sane, and that any wild noises or indeterminable bursts of screaming, indistinguishable grooves, evil sounds and hellish music are being performed in a controlled environment, by professionals, or amateurs with many years (some even decades) of guided and focused training.

Many thanks,

And I hope you enjoy your night as we will.

C @ (address withheld)

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