A letter from Mrs. Mary Shumejda

> Date: Fri, 6 Dec 2013 13:29:18 -0600
> Subject: Dear Friend, Is From Mrs Mary Shumejda
> From: maryshumeji1234@gmail.com
> Dear Friend,
> How are you doing and Merry Christmas in Advance. My Name is Mrs Mary
> Shumejda. I am sorry to badge into your privacy. My friend, there is
> something i would like you to do for me and also for God. I am a dying
> woman! I have Cancer and the Doctor confirm i have few weeks to live. I
> have something i would want you to do for me. Kindly get back to me and
> God will richly bless you. I would want you to help me handle some
> humanitarian Job for me. Kindly let me know your interest. I have some
> selfish people who really want to destroy the Plans i have for the poor (
> Which is God Wish and mine as well) I wait your email respond so i can
> give you more details about the Plans for humanity.
> God Richly bless you.
> Mrs. Mary Shumejda
On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 12:48 AM, CMH <> wrote:
Hi Mary.

Sorry to hear about your dog.
I would love to help you take out your ‘humanitarian job’ – do tell me more!
Hope you havent died yet!
Dear Friend,

I want you to know i don’t have a Dog, neither do i lost a dog. Yes i really need your help. I am Mary like i said in my first email. I am a widow without any Kid! I am the wife to John Shumejda, who died in an air-crash 11 years ago in U.K . You can view this site below to see what happen to my late husband.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/1742404.stm )

My husband left some funds which i have not yet started making use of before it was discovered that i had Cancer, at the moment, i am in Liverpool undergoing treatment. And it has been confirmed that i have some few weeks to live. My husband left some money in Bank Of America ( U.S.A) This funds is what i really want to invest in humanitarian Job. But at the moment, i can not carry out this while i am still in Hospital. There is man who happens to be a Family friend, but he is not to be trusted. He thought my dream is to die so he can have access to my Properties. I have no relatives at the moment. I have given most of my properties to other organizations. This money in Bank Of America, i want to assign it to you, to help the needy in your location. Its an amount of $3.2Million Dollars. If you accept to do this for God and for me, i will write a letter of Authorization to the bank in your name as my benefactor. I will also give you access to online access of the Funds in the bank. So you can take charge of it. Helping the needy is my priority at the moment. I will also offer you 20% of the funds while you use 80% for humanitarian work. Let me hear from you as soon as you get this email. You can send me your Address and Full name so i can write the Authorization letter to the bank.  Please keep this to yourself pending when all funds are under your care. Hope to hear from you as soon as you get this email.

God Richly bless you.
Mrs. Mary Shumejda


Hello again Mary.

My apologies about your husband, and thankyou for your honesty about your dog.
This is exciting news about the 3.2 million – oh how many 7/11 coffees will that be able to purchase for the ‘needy’ in my location!  I feel like this is really going to be the big help that these people need.  Where are you located?  Maybe i could use some of your money to fly you out here to Australia to meet the people that you are helping although, i understand that your illness may prevent you from doing this – what the heck tho right!  We can probably charter a jet with the cash you’ve got – ha!
Just so we’re clear: all i have to do is send you my address and full name, and you can write out a deed declaring this money mine?
May i request from you 2 things:
1.  Can you please write your surname (Shumejda) phonetically (I.e. ‘how it sounds’) so that when im referring to your aurally, i can be sure to pronounce it correctly (i may make a speech about you and your kindness in local morning television!) and
2.  Would you mind please attaching a photo with your next email?
– i would greatly appreciate this, so i can remember the face of the kind woman who did this great deed.
I have attached a photo of myself so that you can see that i am a very kind person.  I have the skin of a nice man.
Yours in blessment,
The 'attached image' - to let her know i had a friendly face

The ‘attached image’ – to let her know i had a friendly face

Im sorry for all the questions.

I just hear that sometimes these kind of emails are a scam to steal people’s identities! – How crazy!


Sadly, Mary is yet to write back …

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