everything to nothing (and everything again)

Goodbye old world.

We’re on our way to something new,

though never did i have a problem

– unchangeable –

with what you said, or do.

Goodbye, i say,

with fondness and with thrill,

because of where its led,

from inspiration and elevation,

that you, oh world,

have fed.

‘Goodbye:’ oh yes,

i agree,

a sombre word it seems,

though usually marred with longing

or distance,

or loss,

this time it heralds new dreams.

Goodbye old world, i say to you,

with springing in my step,

and without a doubt that ill see you again,

and embrace you,

like a rehabilitated,


loved friend.

Goodbye old world,

and thanks a lot,

i know you wish me well –

without one shred of fear impeding me,

and your myriad stories to tell.

Oh world goodbye, goodbye old world,

goodbye to my family and friends,

my lovers and my enemies,

(ill see you all again).

Goodbye old world i say once more,

excited to see you gone,

with change and inspiration near,

and all life’s magic song.

Goodbye old world –

im saying this, though it really is hello:

hello to new horizons,

to new frontiers,

(and on and on and on they go).

Change is as good as a holiday,

holiday, as good as change,

life breathes life into life again:

give it,

free it

– for goodbye must bring hello,

and hello:

goodbye again.

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