Dear Mrs Computer

Dear Mrs computer.

I’m terribly sorry about your son.

After 85 minutes, they were completely obliterated.  4 massive Nukes, and having only spent a quarter of the amount of money that I had on my tanks and infantry, everything had been completely decimated.  I had massive armies with gratuitous amounts of mammoth tanks, terror drones and flak traks, as well as entire movements made of up literally 100’s of Crazy Ivans, Rifle infantry, Tesla Troopers and/or dogs.  I had an entire section of the map closed off by a massive line of mammoth tanks, about 3 deep, in order to keep feeding my ore tucks – which also numbered in scores – on the regenerating ore.  The only thing that was missing, were sea-going bringers of devastation…

…Because there was only ice in this plain…

To compensate for perhaps not spending in excess, and at a fast enough rate, I had 2 war factories (everything is built in half the time) 8 oil wells (which almost literally meant that there were only a few stages of a somewhat short battle where I couldn’t actually spend more money than the money which was coming in) 2 barracks, and an impenetrable ring of around 20 Tesla coils (at about U$D 1500 each) going all the way around the perimeter of my base.  To make matters even more crowded, there were 2 ore refineries for all the trucks to hoard around (I even had some of theirs) as well as a psychic sensor and an iron curtain device, to crowd things up.  Because I needed to spend more money though, the base was also crawling with mammoth tanks, dogs, infantry and random assortments of whatever I chose.

Eventually, the entire map was completely consumed by the red.  Instead of finishing them off though, I just kept dropping Nukes on their base and its surrounds and instead, saved the tens of thousands of dollars I had to spend (which was a lot in the context of the war) for making all the armies scattered around the place even bigger.

Everything slowly converged on them.  Tanks, dogs, terror drones, Crazy Ivans, infantry, flak troopers, tesla troopers, para troopers, engineers, even the ore trucks themselves, hungry for a kill.

It was a disgusting monster.

There was nothing they could do but explode.

I’m sorry.

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