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'unknown profile' seen here with a skunk, in his favourite sexual position

For many years, the (author) has held a deep fascination with the written word.  From his childhood years – hearing the poetry of Milton and Blake read to him by his father – to his early days in school –  which saw him coming home and living reclusively in his bedroom, deep in the preoccupations of his notebooks and pens – it wasn’t so long until the intrigue and complexity of language and communication and all that is to be learned and taught from it, would spear (the writer) headlong into a profound love for all that is to be shared, gleaned, experienced and explored through prose.

Delving further into this idea, stints in bands as frontman extraodinaire forced him to scrawl out poorly executed lyrics and insane ramblings, which were then turned into captivating and entertaining performances across Australia, with the support of a loyal fanbase and some extremely talented musicians.  On tour, he would never stop writing, confirming the old adage of ‘practice makes perfect’ in the show ‘catch phrase‘ for every season that it was on air.  (The author) was understandably devastated when he wasn’t contacted to read a eulogy for baby John.

Nevertheless, his passions would not be thwarted, and no pen or piece of paper was safe within his reach, or from the signals sent from a would-be computing device to a would-be printing device, as life’s beauty in all its distortions magnified his lust for describing it.  A heady love for mind-expansion and pineal gland enhancing experiences would see the complete makings of a modern-day troubador come neo-gypsy before (his) mid twenties, and his worldwide explorations and journeys of self would prove to be all the inspiration needed to catalyse the fire burning in (insert name here)’s madman’s-metaphorical- melting-mix of idiosyncratic, and inventive, incentive-free idiomatic invocations.

By 2007, now 23, the moniker ‘good luck with your life‘ would soon start to follow (the author) and his friends wherever they went – proving to be the most fortuitous twist of fate in what no doubt should be viewed as a serendipitous journey to direction and fulfillment. 

(He) would meet a muse from a faraway land which would inspire him to embark on his first novel, and travels all throughout Europe – with considerable periods of stationaryment in the thrive of London, the richness of Spain and the history of France – along with unforgettable sojourns in the Czech Republic, Italy and later, North America and Canada – which would then finalise the nailing of the nails in the coffin of the inevitability of a vast and eclectic array of experiences to write upon.  The rest, as they say, is history.  (Although this myth may one day be busted, should the time-space continuum fail science as we know it).

Witnessing the dying of his father towards the end of 2010 and finally his death, on the first day of 2011, would only serve to strengthen his amazement at the human spirit, increasing his own appreciation of his upbringing and the personality he inherited that surely set him sailing – the strong currents of exploratory desire and devoted, direct dedication, tied down to the energy connecting all life undoubtedly pushing (anonymous) into the rushing current of some guided flow.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Or so it goes.

Most recently, extended settlements in Thailand and (again) North America and Canada, would firmly cement the foundations of (the author’s) beliefs, passions, inspirations and apolitical political leanings, constructing a large, expansive network of train tracks for his various trains of thought to travel upon, carrying their cargoload of the past decade or so of vast, mind-numbing, awe-inspiring and often unbelievable personal, public, private, perverted, pariahish, partied, pleasing, perpetual, pinnacular experiences, endeavors and achievements.

The author looks forward to completing 3 works in the next 12 months:  One of them resulting from the
now-ending, film-worthy story of his 'muse from a faraway land' the other 2, autobiographically 
recollected accounts of the hedonism of his European adventures, and the debauchery and blessings 
of his last decade of his professional (and personal) life.

(The author also likes - in no particular order: guitar, very heavy metal, women's fashion,  green,
 brotherhood, his mother earth, abrasion, proof, whisk(e)y, common sense, photography, 
physical fitness, the environment, a balanced mind, women, good quality sound, free, plentiful love, 
and a lack of inhibitions). 

Profile Unknown.

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2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Hi. There’s a quote from Bifo (Franco Berardi) highlighted in your article in Adbusters. No reference though. Any idea where that is from? Thanks much and great work. ps

    • hey mate. thanks for reading. the quote you’re referring to is not actually from my piece but a little bridging quote it seems, that Adbusters added between pages. they should be able to reference it for you.

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