without this colourtext, Hugh would have found it very hard to have written any content to fill this page.  Luckily many contributions could be made to this section in testimony to my work > >

Everything must look right, he thought.  Squinting slightly at the page to gauge whether the blur that it would cause was pleasing to the eye,  just in case someone hard of sight were to attempt to read the page, they would still find it pleasing, perhaps.  Newspapers and books and music filled his head, and a need to tap into people’s minds, prodding them to question themselves, spurred him onwards.

Hugh Blainborough, Monocyclist

Up down, pause, think – a lot of pausing really, and a lot of staring off into the distance.  With squint eyes.  Im not sure if his eyes were naturally like that…

Darryl Ethyl, Explorer

It didnt matter what you thought after a while.  It was more about whether you were thinking at all.  Soon enough though, i realised that i too had become a robot.  When i lost half my back due to rust, i was certain.  We have a very strong family unit

Anonymous, Singer/Songwriter

Many and anything from my head.  Sometimes preconceived at others, blurted forth without plan or reason.  Its about making people think.

Its about asking people to question what they know and to question what they are told.  Its about leaving an impression.  Somehow.

Carlos Hurworth, Writer

14 thoughts on “about

  1. Also stumbled across a sticker of yours on the Underground.
    I was traveling in London at the time and put the url as a note in my phone so I wouldn’t forget. I’ve just come across it on my phone 7 months later, and here I am.
    Well written man. I’ll be following.

  2. I also found this site on a sticker on a bus in Brisbane, made the duration of the bus trip much more interesting. Keep up the brilliant work!

  3. I found you on the burnt out skate rink…. Seen your stickers too. Got to love guerrilla marketing. I’m an expert. Trust me.

    Keep it up. Really, keep it up.

    PS: I live down the road.

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