Wake the fuck up

The executions of convicted drug smugglers, Australian citizens Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are equally as tragic as they are inhumane.

If it’s all about the ‘loss of life’, here are a couple of stats:

  1. For various crimes they’ve already spent decades on death row for (some would say ‘rehabilitated’) America executed 35 people last year, and have executed 10 this year already, with 1406 being killed since 1976 by lethal injection, firing squad, hanging, gas chamber or electrocution….
  1. By some statistics, it is estimated that through various wars, dictatorships, regimes and other imperialist ideals, America – alone (i.e not including World Wars) – has killed 27 million people worldwide, and continues to do so, at their behest (there are plenty of other countries an example could also be made out of too).

    Whose war are YOU funding?

This isn’t about comparison, this is about sanctioned murder:

And while the Australian government continues with their rhetoric that ‘we should be angry’, they themselves have been sanctioning killing for decades – including penning a loosely worded treaty – signed by Australian government ministers – that would prove to allow Chan and Sukumaran to be put to their eventual deaths read more.

Follow the media’s lead and get up on your high horse, but ask yourself this:  What are you actually going to do about the things you are impassioned by?  What are you continuously doing? 

 – Real change comes from operating by a system of beliefs – its something you live by, not an ever-changing sentiment that ebbs and flows with your fear, or laziness, or as and when its convenient for the more important things in your life, like ‘being cool’, or ‘fitting in’.

 How staunch and militant will you be about sticking to your morals, without fail, despite the possibility it may cause you inconvenience or other unforeseen change or discomfort?  What could be ‘more important’ than the things you feel the ‘passion to post’ about?  Nothing?  – Or really, is it every single thing? …

 How can you expect to create revolutionary change, without revolutionary action?

You’re going to ‘boycott Bali’, but will you also consider boycotting travel to other countries that enforce the death penalty, such as: Malaysia, China, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, Singapore (and of course the USA) – some of which too, have executed Australian citizens recently, and many of the remaining who also use barbaric, inhumane techniques, like gas chambers and electric chairs….

What if you’ve a connecting flight through Changi in Singapore?  What will you do? – Your ‘boycott’ seems pretty fucken stupid now, huh? ……………………………

Your petty, trivializing of issues you don’t know the depth of, purely to boost your ego and follow the lead of conservative, moronic thought so you ‘fit in’, is now serving more so to make people less aware, as everybody switches off, provided with less and less answers, bombarded by bullshit and weak rant.

To be clear: If you talk about inequality, but you’re using an iphone; If you constantly post about ‘clean eating’ and ‘getting fit’, but you’re drunk on cheap booze and sugar every weekend; If you talk about ‘being an individual’, but you consume ‘fashion’ like everybody else; If you think the executions of Chan and Sukumaran are wrong, despite the executions happening next door in West Papua, that our own government is helping along – you’re full of shit.

Being healthy is a lifestyle.  Not a cure. 

Standing up against inequality in the workplace, in society, on your streets, is an attitude, not a show. 

Not supporting businesses, companies, governments, organizations, who pillage and plunder our earth and its people for profits or proliferation is a way of life, not an occasion.

Stop being so full of shit, put your money where your mouth is – people actually live like this 24/7.  – Some because they choose to live their fight some, because they have no choice. 

‘We need to help the world’s poor’ says the latest headline of your favourite petition, but you drink bottle water, from Nestlé, because ‘you cant drink it from the tap’.  Yet still, this

Who are you supporting?

who are you supporting?



put your money where your mouth is

Fuck you! Wake up! Fuck you! Wake up! Fuck you! Wake up! Fuck you!

If you’re not actually going to take some real action: stay in your comfortable little world, keep posting Ricky Gervais memes, turn up your Beyonce, keep checking your notifications by reflex, keep ‘feeling dem feels’ (aka. You’re so inane you cant even describe how things make you feel), do what the advertisement tells you, and shut the fuck up.  You’re not helping any more.

We live in absurd times. Absurd times where only a little over half of the world’s countries are actually opposed to the death penalty; Where methods of inflicting this ‘justice’ still being used include stoning, hanging and decapitation;  And where social media has made us all feel connected, despite the fact that you probably don’t even know your neighbours and find weird, those who do.

Its all well and good to ‘create awareness’ but are you only uniting a ‘keyboard front’ against a very real force, rather than a front where it matters? – Like In real life.

Will you all mass together and build one giant toothless, paper tiger to help you win your battles, forever stroking each other’s egos online, really doing little else.

Or will you be your own revolutionary, and be the change you want to see?

– Most people can see right through your fake resolve and the ones that can’t, are going down with the wreck ….

These words offend you.  You will respond classically, predictably – by saying you ‘don’t care’.  Your apathy reeks of the crowd you live in.

If only you cared enough to realize you were saving yourself.

‘Revolutionary change will only come from revolutionary action’ – C.Hurworth, daily

One thought on “Wake the fuck up

  1. Wow as always Carlos your thought process is spot on! It’s very in your face, honest and real! This is actually what everyone needs to hear… I just don’t know they’ll get it… Jarmean?

    But bravo. Well said!

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