Politically incorrect

There are a lot of stupid things that people say and think.  Especially politicians and celebrities (‘celebrities’ perhaps a very loose term, in many cases – like ‘celebrity’ chef, for example).  And there’s a lot that we subsequently complain about and protest over or are against.

Perhaps though, we’re not quite sure why we’re against it, or why it rubs us the wrong way (or why we’ve jumped on that passing bandwagon), although it’s most likely because the reality of many of the statements, policies and decisions the populace bears, or that much of what we hear and read, is simply not fair, sensible, reasonable, logical or justifiable – despite best attempts to hide this truth.

Imagine if people just cut the shit, quit being ‘politically correct’ and just didn’t care (or didn’t have to care) if some people were offended by what they said or thought (similar to how I might speak at times).

Its like a speech and thought version of an Instagram #nofilter, or Jim Carey in Liar Liar, or Jeremy Clarkson, in real life…

Well, here are some alternatives or possibilities – without any political correctness or blatant lying, without veiled agenda or hidden meaning – that might serve to explain a lot of what goes on in today’s world (and lets face it, not all people would be offended by, or care about some of the statements to follow).

(Try imagining your favourite politician’s voice, like Tony Abbott, or some other redneck, fascist, ignoramus or bigot)

NB:  These possible statements are probably not the views shared by all people you might apply them to, but could most likely be, were they able to stomach the consequences of their own thoughts.


On the environment:

  • We have an abundance of natural resources, lets use them as fast as possible – fuck the future, lets enjoy life. – We wont be here for the end of the world anyway!
  • We need to plunder and pillage every inch of earth we’ve got because unfortunately, our insane economic system that governs the world, relies on infinite, constant growth, even though everything the planet provides is not infinite itself! – Crazy huh?!
  • Electricity is cheap, so no need to be thrifty when it comes to its use – we’re not going to live forever!
  • Electricity is expensive, so no need to be thrifty when it comes to its use – they should bring the prices down!

(These above two statements can also be applied to fuel, water and essentially, the whole gamut of unrenewable resources we live off)

  • We have such clean water, surely a little pollution wont hurt?
  • Just because catastrophic and extraordinary climatic events seem to be occurring with more frequency – as observed by most average people – doesn’t mean anything is actually different!
  • Drive faster. Accelerate and break as hard as possible, fuck fuel economy, its far more important we hit the next red light before anyone else.

Tony Abbott - Australia's current leader, and potentially the most bigoted and idiotic politician that the world has ever seen

Tony Abbott – Australia’s current leader, and potentially the most bigoted and idiotic politician that the world has ever seen

On money, taxation and employment:

  • A small percentage of society has decided that your skills, knowledge and attributes aren’t worth that much so in turn, you wont get much reward, despite your commitment.
  • A small percentage of society has decided that my skills, knowledge and attributes are worth much more than yours, so I shall enjoy this, irrespective of whether or not it can be justified! – Cheers!
  • I deserve all the concessions and compromises being made by everyone but me, because I deserve to be rich and now that I am, ill be trapped in an infinite battle to ‘have the most’ – how else can I be expected to compete!

On terrorism, national security and human rights:

  • Essentially, if you disagree too strongly with the ruling government, you’re a terrorist, and you will be singled out.
  • Any ‘threat’ – even a perceived one – is a great excuse to install laws to monitor everyone in the populace. The mainstream media is a great place to drum up those excuses too!
  • For some time now, we’ve been happily buying and selling information from clandestine and known sources, unbeknownst to those we’re monitoring. Everyone does it, will continue to do so, and you’ve not really got much chance of exposing us!
  • Most asylum seekers have beards or brown skin, which is a common characteristic of terrorists or just generally unwelcome people, which is really why we’re trying to stop them.
  • Treating asylum seekers so badly is a tactic we use to discourage them from coming here.
  • Women are inferior to men, because they just are.

On health:

  • Well im young and fit now, so I might as well fuck myself up as much as possible and not care
  • Short term gains are much more important than the longevity of my health, so of course ill use steroids if there’s a festival coming up – sun’s out guns out!
  • I don’t really understand the basis of what im doing, but if its popular on a skinny girl’s/healthy girl’s/fit guy’s/ripped guy/s Instagram, it must be good for me, right?

And finally:

  • If the government is constantly spending money buying, building and erecting shiny fancy things, then everything must be alright, alright?
  • I talk a lot of shit, but no-one can really hold me accountable for it and if someone can, ill still be laughing all the way to the bank!

If you’ve got any other topics or ideas that have questionable justification, feel free to post in the comments below.

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