Be quiet in there

Here’s a thought or two:

You think you’re informed, but where do you get your information from? – The Internet? ..

Its now become clear due to research, that we retain and remember information better, when we’re less distracted, or when there’s less information to dilute what we’re trying to retain.  Educational theorists say ‘distraction is the enemy of learning’.

what's the internet doing to our brains?

what’s the internet doing to our brains?

Our ability to retain this information is also somewhat related – but not completely –to what is called ‘intelligence’.

Its sad to see, that all it takes is one semi-informed rant or post, and all of a sudden, there’s a whole bunch of diatribe and ill-informed opinion, from a mass of people who think the ‘information’ they’ve ‘learned’ validates the fact that they’ve gotten involved in some kind of philosophical, biased, prejudicial debate.

Voicing one’s opinion is important – but what’s your opinion worth when you can’t really back it up with facts, or at least a foundation based on them?  Furthermore, without being able to actually question the information we find online (information that could also be termed opinion), why should we believe it any more than some ranting, baseless post?

What’s worse, is that the limited understanding with which most people attack each other’s ideas, is serving only to sever community spirit, and serve egos, essentially turning us – albeit slowly and subconsciously – against each other:  This is the aim of the mass media hysteria and it seems, its working perfectly, as we argue and debate, on topics that we know truly little of, courtesy of the latest ‘headlines’ and ‘news’ ‘feeds’.

As for the internet:  With all its banners, ads, feeds and flickering lights and images, its sounds, colours, repetition and addiction,  you can be sure that your ‘well-informed’ opinion is diluted at best and certainly – biased, skewed and manipulated by an invisible, insidious hand, that might as well be covering your ears and your eyes.

What’s the solution? – Read a book, and read them widely.

One thought on “Be quiet in there

  1. The other thought in relation to this well written post … do we really need to be “informed” within the context of our “15 second news bite” society?

    Like you said, read books … read them widely. Be truly informed.

    (although not all books are accurate either, so think critically)

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