A letter to you

Dear you:

We are hysterically paranoid.  People are shutting off from each other, and its all part of the plan.  Mass media hysteria would have you believe that the world is out to get you, or worse still, maybe it’s the whole universe – a force not benevolent, but actually evil – and we’re just one of the millions of species not yet extinct, left to fight against the dark forces.  – Get fucked I say.

Bins are being welded shut in our cities, but the ‘terrorists aren’t winning.  Pathetic!  We rush to shootbombkillpillage the ‘forces’ that are massing against us – nothing simulates the economy like a war – go team democracy!

From one side of the mouth of the status quo, we speak of ‘revenge’, ‘no mercy’, ‘retribution’, ‘doing wha’s right’, ‘humanity’ while the same mouth, from the other side, speaks of ‘the danger in nearby Muslim countries’.  – Really?  Is that because they want ‘revenge’?  ‘Retribution’?  We really are insane.  Arrogant.  Philistines.  – Worse

Distracted by hyped-up news headlines, and an idiotic ruling state, we complain and whine and bitch and moan, like a bunch of babbling lunatics, and forget to actually take action.  Blah blah blah, we say – ‘the government’/’the system’/’this is fucked’/’he’s a cunt’ – keeping us well distracted from the task at hand, making us argue pointlessly with each other, and turn away from reaching out.

Illness and disease become more and more rife, but its psychosomatic!  The wheels of the capitalist cart turn faster as we consume more, full of fear, sick, craving headlines, toxifying our lives with advertising, marketing and mind-manipulation; feeding our egos instead of our relationships, our souls; seeking refuge in shiny trinkets and getting wasted on the weekend.

We’re informed by a machine that we don’t even believe in, armed with false knowledge that we learned from a source we don’t agree with. 

Im utterly sick of your shit.  Yes, you – But, like Hypocrites: we swallow their lies, and regurgitate them as our own truth, patting ourselves on the back for making noise, as we sign another petition, disengaged from engagement, ready to keep scrolling through our ‘news feed’, attention held for the arbitrary 7 seconds…

You hate the system: but you vote in it;  use all the electricity and water you want, without hesitation, without questioning, because I deserve to; I consume all the fuel I want, I give my money to the corps, to Shell, to Nestle, to Coca Cola, to Johnson & Johnson and when it hurts, ill use GSK’s or Pfizer’s drugs.  Fuck you – But I hate the system, honestly! …

It fucks you, you push back, secretly, you like it – you don’t even know its inside you, because you’ve been whoring yourself to it for so long…  You’re a first-world slut, with ‘first world problems’ – LOL!

‘Its so hard’, you say – you fukkn pussy – full of excuses.  You retort: ‘Have you seen the fukkn news?’ – Ebola, ISIS, war, terror, genocide, a kid got abducted, someone got shot, a woman is missing – ever seen a news broadcast about the good things that happened today?  Get a grip

– Here’s a stat: Even though the mass media makes it appear as though its dangerous outside, the percentage of the population affected by or victimized by physical assault is declining, and has been for the past 5 years.

But hey, plant some fear, stifle altruism, get paranoid, become suspicious, your community isn’t safe, its not worth engaging with – it’s the perfect paradigm for those pulling the strings of the puppets below…

Wake the fuck up.  Ill fight it myself.  – If you want to continue sleeping, I wont come back for you either.

Take responsibility.  Do something. Question yourself.  Be honest.  Be brutal.  Start now.  And do it for real.


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