On the possibilities of WWIII

World War III – What’s that you say?  Nuclear war?  ‘Western intervention’ to allow Ukraine a ‘fair fight’? – this really is the kind of bullshit that politicos and pundits are talking about, and the terms they’re using, regarding the battle being waged across the Russia-Ukraine border.

But really, what the fuck do they even care – its all just fun and games, on a giant, real-life monopoly board, where all players get out of jail free if they’ve got enough money, and the properties and players are really just as valuable as a miniature plastic shoe…

So why not?  Why not just launch nukes now?  – What are you waiting for?  – Someone to throw the first stone?  To spit at you?  Is there a sign – Like you play by some set of well-known, conspicuous rules that you wouldn’t dare break, oh ‘Western intervention’?  – A sign that a nuclear fucking bomb is now a valid response?  – Blow the cunts to shreds!!

Because when ‘nuclear war’ is really a solution – when bombs with effects the size of Oprah, with a fallout the size of .. Oprah, lasting the same time as the career of… Oprah times 100, really are a ‘viable’ ‘solution’ – when causing the absolute destruction of a people, a surrounding people, and all of their livelihoods, perhaps for generations to come, or even the rest of the natural life of the human race; when degradation or complete annihilation of ecosystems, water tables, flora, fauna as collateral damage is ‘the only option’, who can call the people making these kinds of calls, and supporting these kinds of ideas, anything but psychopaths?

Instead, we call them ‘heads of state’ .. there really is a big problem with the state, and a really big problem with its heads

Hey!  Concentrate – I asked a question: who can call the people making these kinds of calls, and supporting these kinds of ideas, anything but psychopaths? – Liars, fools and the deranged and small-minded, that’s who.  We’ve seen the collateral damage from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Chernobyl – even Fukushima – but hey, maybe ‘the west’ has no choice? – Who the fuck is ‘the west’ anyway?

Sometimes, representatives of this mystical place speak a language I know, even with the same accent, but they sure as fuck didn’t ask me if this insanity was a good idea.  I think you’d be safe to place a bet that their opinion is far far outweighed by the sentiments of the broader, general public.  Like we actually have a voice (‘oh but you do’ whispers the television, ‘if its amplified by a brown paper bag.. passed under a table.. in a diner.. over waffles .. – you know how it goes’)..  Weird.

Personally, id just let the crazy fucks fight it out amongst themselves, and lay each other to waste in due course.  Or, id nuke them all immediately, and get it over with – what are you waiting for!  Kill them all and let god sort them out!  – Isnt that whats going on here anyway?

Courtest of comicbookmovie.com

Courtesy of comicbookmovie.com

Anyway, perhaps in this case, ‘the west’ might well actually be ‘Mayor West’: the mayor of Quahog, from where ‘family guy’ Peter Griffin, his wife and progeny are from, in the Family Guy television programme.

A decidedly dim-witted character, Mayor West is completely unfit for any kind of mayoral position (or any position, other than ‘strapped down to a bed’) prone to insane outbursts and tourettes-like, irrelevant, jibberish responses of confusion and hysteria towards any single thing that happens to him on the show.  for example, he has the kind of intellect you’d relate to George W Bush, former captain of ‘the west’.  Fitting, indeed.

Maybe that really is just it?  All this time, we thought Family Guy was a less-than-serious look at social and family issues, albeit obscured by a sometimes impossible to conceive ‘plot’ of segues and flashbacks, amidst excessively crude and controversy-feeding references to paedophilia and misogyny, amongst other faux pas.

All along, through their ‘Mayor West’ character, Family Guy has just been trying to tell us that ‘the west’ is really just an insane retard.

Ho hum.

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