Insanity prevailing

Just a couple of nights ago, a former Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) officer Geoff Shepherd appeared on a current affairs programme on Australia’s national broadcaster, the ABC.

Speaking about Australia’s proposed (imminent) involvement (complicity) in ‘Western’ (white) ‘air strikes’ (mass bombings) on ISIS* Islamic (hardly) separatists in North Western Iraq, he said the following:

It must be noted, that this is Geoff Shepherd (look him up) verbatim – without angsty bias, or exaggerated insanity.  It is indeed, ‘insanity prevailing’

Looking dead into the camera, and speaking about ISIS’s actions with the conviction and confidence of someone enthralled by the truth in his words (or perhaps he has simply bored himself shitless), said Geoff: ‘I see that we’re seeing a regime that is intent on dominating other peoples’ ………….. what?


People (brainwashed, idiotic, indoctrinated scum) like Geoff Shepherd (flock included) are the kinds of people that the majority of society ‘trusts’ (note that ‘majority’ is in italics here to emphasize that its the masses, rather than to imply the use of ‘majority’ as an inference).

This trust is bestowed on a generally out of touch, ignorant and small-minded ‘elite’ class, along with politicians, the ‘rich’ (i.e. ‘successful’), practitioners of the law, health and medicine, newspaper editors, talkback radio hosts, popular tv-show personalities, producers of ‘current affairs’ programmes.  And current and former sporting greats…

Its the Geoff Shepherds of our society, that select and weave the threads that create the very fabrics that cloak the truth, tying us to their bandwagon, with a healthy dose of misinformation and propaganda.  Fashioning instead, an image aligned with his own insane beliefs, that we accept, as he speaks them (some even ‘hear hear’, in support, im sure), deadpan, on national tv.

– Geoff Shepherds dictate the status quo, influence the decisions that rule our lives, decide how our taxes are spent, our natural resources are divided (or plundered), where and how research is funded.

And indeed, ‘stopping regimes’ that are trying to ‘dominate other people’ by dominating them is the kind of shit he spins.  – Does anyone fucking notice the hypocrisy in that?  Does he?  Is it just a matter of saying whatever he wants, because he knows he’ll do what he wants?  Or does he think – or worse, know – that no-one will notice?  Geoff Shepherd, you truly are a moron, speaking the language of moronism.

Lets just read what he said again, remembering that these are the exact words he spoke on the 730 report last week:

I see that we’re seeing a regime that is intent on dominating other peoples

Special.. – Go Geoff.  – And its these kinds of ‘people’ that are making the decisions that matter…..

This shit goes on on a daily basis, and you really think we live in a society that honours democracy, or at least strives for it.  – Oh dear ..

Geoff Shepherd:  Get him.  - Obviously of sound mind and superior genetics.

Geoff Shepherd: If you see him on the street, get him. – Obviously of sound mind and superior genetics.

Anyway, Im sure we’ll see some ‘domination’ in the coming weeks.  Should be entertaining! – As long as white people are behind it, or they’re doing it in the name of a Christian god, its legit.

– See Geoff ‘piece of shit’ Shepherd’s full interview here – including other accidental racist and bigoted slurs ‘not just in the name of us of white, anglo-saxon backgrounds’!

*interesting to note, the most dangerous weapons in the ISIS arsenal are American made.  Business is good. (< Click for more)

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