New evidence suggests Russia not at fault in MH17 crash

News has come to light that the downed MH17 plane found near the Russia-Ukraine border, might have met an end not publicized in the mass media.  Unsurprising perhaps, but a revelation that surely begs a very obvious question: Who the fuck do we believe? .. 

As newsmedia – in print and on the idiotbox – publishes images of so-called Russian sa-11 surface to air missile units, and their movements in the associated area around the time of the Malaysian airlines flight’s demise, it isn’t too absurd to wonder just where, and from when and who these images came from? 

Allegations made in the Romanian Gazetta today and Ukraine’s World Daily, certainly put paid to the possibility that this could all be an elaborate hoax, with claims that the over-decomposed bodies found on the ground amongst the wreckage, could have been placed there from unrelated incidents. 

Who the fuck would be so sick as to construct such a hoax, I hear you ask? – Humans:  The same animal that has been mercilessly killing itself and each other for centuries, now more so than ever, armed to the teeth by a weapons industry thriving on death.

The 'evidence' - clear, unambiguous, unequivocal

The ‘evidence’ – clear, unambiguous, unequivocal

With some bodies found showing signs of decay more akin to death weeks ago – some of them appearing to be up to one month old – rouge journalists have suggested that the bodies may have been relocated from fighting in and around the Russian/Ukranian borders, rather than any downed plane.  

Local journalists have also claimed that farmers interviewed in the area never heard or saw any planes falling from the sky and rather, noticed odd activity around the area, just days before the apparent shooting down of the Malaysian airlines vessel, as well as multiple cargo planes apparently fleeing the area, shortly before the flight was reported in the mass media as going down. 

Trains taking the ‘overly decomposed’ bodies away from the crash site – decomposition that Russian forces, and their careless attitude have been blamed for by west-loving, mainstream media – might probably have been bodies going to the site, rather than away, a local man Durov Mishikev has claimed. 

He also went as far as suggesting that the cargo planes he witnessed fleeing the area might have dumped what is now known as the ‘crash site’ – plane wreckage, and mangled, decomposed bodies included. 

‘The only crashing I heard, was moments before I saw the cargo planes leaving the area’, he told Romanian journalists in clandestine interviews, adding ‘its a very strange situation, like these cargo planes dropped something from inside’..

Independent media has also widely reported that the belongings being apparently looted from the bodies of the deceased, could have been planted there from previous looting, with carefully placed remnants easily suggesting that naughty Russians, or Russian separatists were making off with juicy bounties. 

Claims that Russian forces have been denying access to the apparent resting place of MH17 have been conspicuously and widely refuted but still, the general public toes the line that Russia cant be trusted, and the mass media has got it right, despite the only evidence available being evidence construed and constructed by the very people who claim to benefit from anti-communist sentiment. 

Questions as to where MH17 could actually have gotten to, now mirror the unknown location of MH370, and the pseudo Bermuda Triangle where they both may well now rest.  But hey, we’ll just believe what Time warner, Disney, Viacom, Newscorp, CBS and NBC tell us (and that’s all of them) – because let’s face it, they can tell us what they want. 

 – Where is the blackbox flight recorder audio?  Who’s listening in to the ‘world leaders’ apparently scrambling to ‘investigate’ the ‘crash site’?  Obviously, the blackbox flight recorder has been stolen, apparently worth large sums of money to impoverished Ukranian farmers.. 

As the plot thickens, official statements from Al Qaeda in Iran, and related terrorist organisations in other Russian neighbour Georgia, made statements on Iranian and Georgian television suggesting the plane was hijacked by them – claims that have been largely quelled, lest they thwart the hate being garnered by Murdoch and co. 

Unsurprising perhaps, but a revelation that surely begs a very obvious question: Who the fuck do we believe? ..



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