The world is not enough

The world is not enough

Oh but it surely is.  There’s a giant machine that is trying to convince you that its not though.  Its hyperactive, hyperbolic, its so hyped up, it tells you you’re the one on drugs, or makes you feel as though you need them, if you’ll buy from their supplier.

It constantly spurts stories and ‘news’ to make you think that there’s this huge, crazy madness outside your door, and you’re the only one of few who’s just going about your daily business – off to work, do your toil, home, try finding leisure, put the machine on: holy fuck it was a crazy day.  … Except in your life.

How can you survive with all this going on? How can you fit in?  How can you be a part of this game that is so thrilling and intense?  – You thought the universe was a benevolent force? 

You need protection.  You need more stuff.  You need to buy this and buy that, and do this and do that, and just be what its telling you to be – before you miss out!

Get more money, get more things – just try and keep up – because despite the fact that you’re just you, thats inadequate.  Especially when there’s all this really intense shit happening right outside your door.  And the soundtrack plays…

See, everybody’s doing it, aren’t they?  Surely?  With all this madness and chaos and crazy crazy shit going on outside your mundane existence, surely living more is as simple as doing what this giant machine tells you to do because after all, this giant machine is whats going on, isn’t it?  And everyone – except you! – must be playing their part, if things are so crazy on your tv, in your news, in all those shows about ‘reality’.  – Really?

The mainstream media?  – It tells you the world is at odds with existence.  There are wars.  There are murders, corruption.  There are people cheating.  There are people beating ‘the system’. – Are we not ‘the system’?  Didn’t we accept this?  – All this hyped up bullshit as reality?

Masterchef:  It tells you that cooking is intense.  COOKING.  – What the fuck?  The music crescendos like a threat, while some girl or some guy, between sobs, stutters through an explanation of how hard it is, how intense it is – really?  She actually says ‘its so intense’.  Cooking?  –  Compared to what?  In a fully equipped kitchen, enclosed, safe from the ravenous lions outside?  So fucking intense!!!

Your nightly current affairs:  They tell you that some guy is raping kids in your neighbourhood.  And soon, there’ll be more if we don’t stop this plague.  Of rapists.  Its so intense out there! – And evil!

The supermarkets are conspiring against you/here’s a cheaper alternative.  They’re colluding.  Rigging prices.  Bikie gangs are taking over your city – your state – the government is trying to control them/or fund them.  There’s poison in your food/go organic/organic food is a scam/is too expensive/is actually cheaper.  Interest rates are about to go down/or up.  The banks are ripping us off/or not.

Cooking: Boy is it an intense sport

Cooking: Boy is it an intense sport

Noise noise noise.  Fear fear fear.

No-one is safe.

Absorb the madness, fall into the current.  It sweeps you up, you flounder, grabbing at everything you can before you miss out, hands full of everything, unable to wipe the shit from your eyes, your mouth, your mind – consume! 

You disconnect from nature, from what is actually real and true and there, ungoverned by ego, without corruption or prejudice, things that are an impossibility, but a notion that is impossible, in this evil world that the mainstream media is teaching you about so well.

Lucky our brains are so huge

But still, you forget your family and friends, you disconnect.  – You don’t need these things! – You need money!  You need what we tell you you need!  – Your daily fix of bullshit – don’t stop now!!  This drug will fix it/here’s the latest cure/here’s the hottest music/try this diet/maybe you’re allergic/your car is obsolete/your clothes are out of date/your home is ramshackle/electricity prices are about to soar/you’re just not trendy anymore! 

Forget the present, the now – fear the past and the future.   Obsess over it! – Its consuming you – consume consume consume! – its time to lose control, you’re stressed, its hard, because the world is already going crazy, plotting against you.

Oh evil evil world, full of evil evil spirits, in our evil evil universe.  That crazy crazy world.  Out to get us all. 

– Where cooking is fucking intense.

– And trampolines need fences.

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