Contribute to solutions, not problems

Constantly pedalling hate for or against our government or opposition – diatribe usually poorly disseminated, badly paraphrased from biased, slanted sources – merely gives opportunistic haters the scope they need to further create the hype of fear that you say the government is trying to control our lives with.  And now you are a fear-mongerer too! …

Guilty as charged!

– Everyone hates Tony Abbott: so when someone says that he’s decided to axe some policy – albeit something that he is only planning, for example – such hype is easily believed.  Russia spends a lot of money to create a winter Olympic spectacle?  – So someone writes an article about how neglected the country’s poor are (even though, the poor are poor – everywhere – because of – amongst other things – continued policies of neglect).

Everyone cries foul play – no-one really investigates why, or how, or who made these claims from where, they just start some lame petition, or create a ‘trending meme’ and fuel a fire of negativity and hate through our social streams, workplaces and communities, while they pat themselves on the back for being better than everybody else who didn’t know that our government is purposely trying to kill us while our government, continues to purposely kill us.

And then: you’re not really better off, are you?  It’s fear fighting fear, basted in hate.  One biased political viewpoint, versus another – a ‘politics’ rooted in fear and lies and misinformation and the complete absence of any kind of ‘democratic’ core (or so you keep in saying, right?).

Multiply this by weak attempts to do something about it (surely a petition on facebook should be enough, especially if you got heaps of people to ‘like’ it!) and one poorly researched agenda to topple some negative policy that you don’t really understand, aided by a bunch of people yelling over your shoulder in support, back at those ‘other people’ screaming their rhetoric equally at your face, and: what a fucking noise, huh?!

There are better ways to affect the status quo, than by adding to the climate of poisonous fear and hate-mongering that is more and more filling our airwaves, and our online and print medias, even if what you’re ‘fighting’ for (a gross exaggeration of your efforts, if you actually want to be honest about it) is for the ‘greater good’.

Surely it’d be better if we all just shut up – closed the avenues for fear, from either side of the political spectrum (all sides!) – and used our energies for nurturing things we care about, rather than fighting for things that we often admit – in the very next breath – are more than an uphill battle.

some photo of Tony Abbott that makes you dislike him

some photo of Tony Abbott that makes you dislike him

Is it just me that finds it amusing that we want politicians to listen to us, while simultaneously admitting that we don’t even respect them?  I’m not advocating complacency, or apathy…

We don’t need to be engaged in a political spectrum that we don’t respect or agree with, we need to dilute or remove its influence from our lives, by being constantly, explicitly aware of its presence, via the choices we make when we purchase goods and services, and the choices we make when we interact with each other, and engage in the act of thinking, and informing.

Limit your reliance on international corporations, buy your goods and services locally and within your community;

seek ‘truth’ from diverse sources, and listen less to mainstream media and other bodies whose agenda is state-centric (if you believe the ‘state’ is the problem);

encourage experimentation amongst your family and friends, dare to be different, make an impact;

be aware of how much you consume, and why you consume it – contribute less to a ‘system’ (that we created – that you created) that you disagree with (apparently);

make people smile more, and feel more – let them know that the people that they can trust most aren’t those in uniforms or in high places, or those with some shallow idea of ‘succcess’ or ‘fortune’, but those that are around us, offering real support, at all times.

Spread love, not fear.

Revolutionary change will take revolutionary action – it’s time to start thinking for yourself.

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