Australian government proposes raising taxes in order to ‘fund’ a new health system, after suggesting they’ll axe current one

As if the backlash against his position wasn’t already enough, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has fuelled a raging fire of controversy over his policies in the early stages of his prime ministerial position, by suggesting his government will do away with the Medicare system that has served the Australian public for decades.

Adding massive insult to massive injury, Abbott has also been reported as saying that a new public medical system will be ‘tested’ over the next 2 terms of his prime ministerial position (should he stay in power) via funds that the government will collect through increased rates of income tax for individuals and businesses, further enraging an already angry public.

Alarmingly, he has also allegedly said that overseas businesses and corporations in the mining and energy sectors will be exempt from such tax increases, further shunning the fairly unnoticed protests of the Australian public.

In his first few months in Australia’s top position, Abbott has been responsible for the overturning of the gay marriage bill, the overseeing of a new shark-culling policy in Western Australia, skyrocketing fuel prices, the abolition of free range eggs, as well as a massive crackdown on ‘Criminal Motorcycle Gangs’ in Queensland (a policy that has seen scores of old-aged retirees arrested and jailed for riding their motorbikes in pairs.

This, on top of dozens of alleged deaths at sea, due to his government’s relentless ‘stop the boats’ policy on immigration and asylum seekers, as well as the most recent news of a proposed mass censorship of our internet ‘in favour of corporate interests’, and it is easy to see why current opinion polls show an astonishing, unprecedented 83% of the voting public are against an Abbott government.

News this morning that 3 detained refugees were found beaten in their rooms on Christmas island – tied to bedposts by their own belts, with burns from candle-wax in formations not unlike our southern cross – can only further fuel a fire that is threatening to burn down Kirribilli house, with Abbott and co inside.

Sources reported earlier today that Abbott was heard being ‘openly racist’ whilst discussing his government’s policies in the car with his children.  His slanderous comments were overhead by a McDonalds employee through the speaker at a drive –thru where she worked.

‘I heard them talking about Medicare or something’ she said ‘and it was almost like he preferred people to be fat and unhealthy, unless they weren’t rich.’  – ‘Maybe it’s because his family likes watching the biggest loser, and shows like this wouldn’t exist if people were healthier.’ she added.

Speaking with reporters at the national press conference in Canberra overnight, Abbott shunned quips against his harsh decisions, allegedly suggesting that if there was someone better equipped to be prime minister, then ‘surely they would be in power’.

‘Australians will no longer get a free ride’ he said – ‘this is a country built on hard work, grit, determination and tenacity, and its time people realised that standing on their own two feet is something they ought to try’.

Heralded by current health minister Peter Dutton as the ‘uncompromising overhaul our health system has needed’, Mr Dutton lent his support to Mr Abbott’s decision, saying that ‘good public health systems cost money – purely and simply’.

The proposed new system will possibly see its initial restructuring funded by an increase in the lowest tax bracket by up to 15%, meaning that Australia’s lowest earners will pay around 35% of what they earn, back to the government.

The average Australian will be forced to live off less than $212 a week – a very threatening figure if you also believe reports of the massive cuts in funding our students and pensioners are set to endure, as well as proposed electricity price hikes, where estimated average bills will soar beyond the $600/quarter mark.

Many of those opposing the government are completely disgusted by these reports, though continue to react powerlessly, saying that ‘the system’ is working against them.

Click here to send a letter directly to Mr Abbott telling him you’re disgusted!

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