All you need is love

ImageFor the past few months and more – maybe up to a year – a piece has been circulating the internet, variously titled along the lines of ‘how to love a woman’ reportedly written by Brad Pitt to his (apparent) wife Angelina Jolie.

Sure, its a great piece of advice, and a noble thing to do, and something that everyone (male or female) in any relationship should bear in mind, and consider adopting if needed. But here are a few facts:

  • Brad Pitt hasn’t officially married Angelina Jolie.
  • He also, clearly, couldn’t be bothered being this ‘man’ for Jennifer Anniston (for reasons which are open to debate, and probably not public knowledge) and moreover,
  • when this frequently referenced and posted piece first went viral, it was before (even well before) Brad and Angelina were even engaged!

So essentially, Brad never (necessarily) did any of these things for Angelina, nor was she even in a state of demise, as described by ‘him’ (a representative of Pitt has even come forward saying that he had nothing to do with the letter).

It made me wonder:  Who was the Machiavellian person that thought it necessary to make this story up in the first place (some time in 2012)? And do they think that because Brad is so good looking and so ‘successful’ that every man would surely want to aspire to be like him, including executing this piece of relationship advice, to a T?  Is this person’s partner that stupid that they (not their partner) could most likely transpose their life into a document, and then also pen the remedy to what ails them, all to their liking and preference?  And do we really need to create fables and stories (still?) to teach people to treat each other better?

More commanding though, sadly, was the thought that things have actually gotten to a point where – maybe – we listen to high profile celebrities, sooner than we’d listen to our friends and family, or our own inner voice or voices of reason.

Essentially, this paean is telling us how to love.  The fact that we all pander to it because it comes accompanied with the faces of two high profile people – Pitt and Jolie – whose opinions we are told to respect, and whose lives and morals we might be implicitly being told to mimic and admire, is no cause to celebrate, in a world where most ‘high-profile’ people are engaging in more than questionable behaviour, whether within or away from public view (Kanye/Gaga/Scientology anyone?), living a life of gross overt and excessive materialism, and idolatry.

Perhaps a little known fact, is that newborn babies will die without human contact, as Ben E. Benjamin (phd) outlines in this very interesting document.  Something however, that i wasn’t aware was little known is that throughout life, all living things need love and care –  the earth, your mother, your husband or wife, boyfriend or girl, your dog, your garden, the ocean – they wont survive without being nurtured and nourished.

What ‘Brad Pitt‘ sees as the solution for this is: ‘flowers, kisses and compliments. I surprised her and pleased her every minute. I gave her lots of gifts and lived just for her. I spoke in public only about her. I incorporated all themes in her direction. I praised her in front of her own and our mutual friends.’ – sounds like someone might’ve written a story to wangle some things out of her man (or woman), and then posted it online, and maybe brought it to his (or her) attention?  And now ours?

Quite frankly, if your partner, lover, your pets, the earth or life itself doesnt inspire you to share the sentiments as outlined in ‘Brad’s’ ‘letter’, you might just be missing the point. Even more concerning than this, is the fact that even though our relationships might be suffering, even though there is so much turmoil and tumult in humanity, we still dont realise that ‘all you need is love‘ …..

Well, here’s Morgan Freeman’s advice (written by him because there is a picture attached to this document, and the words ‘he’ said are written in quotation marks, followed by his name and the apparent year he said these prophetic words):

 “Everybody and every ‘thing’ needs love. Not just when they’re down, or when you see they’re down, or when they’re unhealthy – but on a daily basis.  Just as an infant will die without human contact, so do we all need to feel engaged with each other, included in our communities and social environments, loved by those important to us, thrilled by the relationships we share, and full of love ourselves.” – Morgan Freeman, 2013

There are some nice thoughts in this piece – whoever wrote it – but lets turn off our screens, close that trashy magazine, wake up and start listening to each other, instead of these people who dont even know who we are.

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