Armed to the teeth

We are experiencing a time of tumult:  More than ever, governments are trying to crack down on anyone and anything that threatens what is a very crippled status quo.  The paradigm that has been forced upon our society currently lies flapping like a fish in a pool of evaporating water, with less and less people willing to save it, and more and more questioning the state’s authority, and big business’s intentions.

December 2013: the people’s plight inspires Thai police to lay down their defenses and join them in protest.  Image courtesy of trueactivist

This latest revolt by Thai police joining anti-government protestors, is a poignant reminder that the argument we’ve been force-fed for too long now is starting to bear holes like Swiss cheese, and that the developed-world-idea of ‘democracy’ isn’t one that is coming anywhere near serving the interests of the people at large.

In Australia: we stroll along, oblivious or indifferent to the fact that one of the world’s ‘most democratic countries’ is currently employing a brand of democracy that profoundly threatens our human rights, operated by a government that is openly representing its corporate sponsors, rather than community need.

We are faced with new laws and legislations that threaten our nightlife and even, our right to host parties in private;  we are further and further shutting the door on refugees seeking asylum here – with policies and treatment employed by our current government that border on xenophobia, and are certainly bigoted, exclusionary and short-sighted in all; we have new laws in QLD, meant to cripple motorcycle gangs (a law made conveniently excusable when a couple of rogue idiots tried to hold up a police station), set to also stop retirees from heading out on the road together, short of registering their intent.  Lifelong retirement dreams, shattered by an unforeseeable, unreasonable weak law.

Frankly: how the fuck do these laws get passed by a government that we the people voted in?  And:  why do governments think that they can get away with such gross abuses of our rights and our trust?

This is only the tip of the iceberg.  – With other great moves being made to (for example) cripple our local free-range egg farmers in favour of getting into bed with big business, and an imminent mass reduction of the minimum wage setting the tone for our government’s tune, now more than ever are we armed with an arsenal of reasons to ask those in authority some serious questions.  Serious questions that ask: Are you fucking serious? ….

And in case this isn’t your own backyard, click here to see what greedy corporate giants Nestle said about our world’s water supply.

This isn’t about focusing on the negative, this is about creating the positive.  Its about taking affirmative action.  Its about realising that there is only a very small part of the population that isnt adversely affected by biased, prejudiced, narrow-minded poor decisions our governments and big business are making and that like the protests that led Thai police to join the people (perhaps a realisation that they are ‘the people’ too) never before have our questions and distrust, our concerns and our critiques held more weight, or carried more influence.

Its time.

Change is in the air.  Species extinction is at its worst, poverty is at its worst, environmental destruction is at its worst, obesity is at its worst, depression is at its worst. Something is wrong here.  What sort of legacy do we want to leave behind?  What sort of future?  How will we be remembered?

– This isn’t a call to lose your sunny disposition, or engage in politics, it’s a call to act.  Every petition, every post, every bit of knowledge shared and opinion offered now has more weight than history has ever seen.  The choices we make will be heard.  With ripples we will create waves, and with the pounding of the waves, we will reshape the shoreline.  Many hands will make light work of an ailing system that is failing us, and our home.

The beast that is the ugly status quo – plundering our earth, crippling mother nature, ruining our resources, segregating our communities – is kicking and screaming, bloated on overconsumption and fat, dying a certain death.  And with the greedy’s mistakes and misgivings, their lies and deceit becoming ever more present,  our noise growing louder: we are armed to the teeth.

One thought on “Armed to the teeth

  1. I agree! Have shared… You should start a petition of some sort! So many injustices your right we need to stand up or make a stance instead of letting them do what they want. We are the masses. Love how you used the example of the Thai police too!

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