Dont lose focus on the light, in the dark

Published below, is a letter that was written to one of the editorial team of Canadian leftist/socialist/anarchist/ecologist magazine ‘adbusters’, which led to the inspiration for the piece previous to this blog entitled: ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’.  Yes, things arent all roses and yes, we must keep the pressure on the ‘status quo’, but for all the murkiness in the water, we must all continue to endeavour to swim free from the bleaker aspects, as much as we inform, empower and all our efforts to bring others towards the light.

Dear Adbusters,

Darren Fleet’s piece ‘fear of flying’ in your ‘big ideas of 2012’ issue is something that has needed to be said for a long time now, and probably at the risk of offending a part of your readership.

In Australia – where the economic and social hardship that has galvanized protestors worldwide, catalyzed and inspired by the occupy movement, is not so profound – a somewhat embarrassing band of ‘poor lifeguards’ tried to convince the general public that everything would take a turn for the better, should the reins be passed to the control of their feeble and indeed ‘unliberated’ hands (and minds).  Obviously, and predictably, the uninspired didnt inspire.  – Darren’s article was everything but ininspiring.

Isnt it time though, that adbusters shifted its focus content away from merely feeding the ‘cacophony of maxims supported by desperate bodies throwing their personal misgivings and unhappiness onto the altar of activism’ that Clive Hamilton has recognized, and towards helping us find the true, truly free animal within us all? …

I personally didnt see a single person even remotely free during my involvement with Australia’s occupy movement, as you might imagine.  Their lust for the same things that the ‘1%’ wanted (or have) was pitiful to say the least.

Poor lifeguards indeed.

Thankyou, and keep up the good work.

…for all the darkness we fight in the world, we should never lose sight of the light that may fill us all, connect us all…

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