absence makes the heart grow fonder

Dear followers.

It may have come to your attention of late, that there has been some considerable gap(s) in my writing and publishing efforts. 

Let me take this opportunity to apologise for my lackings, as i am almost certain that many of you have been struggling for direction in life without my random musing and rants. 

Or, perhaps not.

– Be that as it may (be whatever it is, as that may be) there is a lesson to be learned in all of my absence – a lesson with immeasurable value that was not lost on yours truly.

– It is decidedly easy to get caught up in all that you write and all that you think.  So much so, that you can reach a point where it begins to encroach on every aspect of your life.  Depending on what you’re focusing on, this can be for better and indeed, for worse.

Focus your research on the poor plight of our poor earth and its people, and you won’t necessarily be finding too much clear water, leaking to the surface.  And the banks, and the corporations, and the mining companies, and tyrannical governments – they really aren’t flying an honest flag for the world’s people, no matter how hard you look at them.  And i do make a habit of examining their activities closely.

Dwindling topsoils, rising petrol prices, imminent war, fighting   for peace; current wars, higher taxes, another distaster, a big bank payout – sometimes the picture we choose to look at gives off a blinding light.

So i took a break.  Recouped.  Readjusted.  Saw a different light.  – And thats important.  Its easy to just get caught up in agendas, or personal missions, or on single tracks, and when those focuses are all too often looking at darkness, its darkness that will soon surround.  Smell the roses.  When it comes down to it, what we ‘know’ is really only dictated by what we care to know.

Balance, is key.  Yes, there is still a fight on.  Yes, we need a revolution.  Yes, a lot has to change.  Yes, the earth still needs saving.  But we also need a clarity of vision.  Enabled by an army of balanced, informed bodies and minds.

And besides, the great Sun Tzu in his ‘art of war’ couldnt stress enough the importance in our ability to ‘know yourself, know your enemy better’.  In a thousand battles, you will never be defeated.


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