The forced dissolution of digitalism (part I)

We are going the way of disconnect – via the instantaneous, over-convenient, over-digital mores of modern life.  Our ability to communicate on genuine levels, our desire and will to do so, is being depleted with every minute online, with every obsession with “reality” TV, and every moment lost in our smartphones, and tablets.  We are losing touch with true emotion, screaming our fears, loves, anger, compassion, passion, misunderstandings in digital – where no-one can really be heard.  Where its easy to hide, pretend, be false, be ambiguous, lie, fake, misconstrue.

And if any of life’s ailments really do get the better of us, there’s always the convenience of a pill to pop, or some other misrepresented remedy.

In the new world, we will be taught to reconnect – forced, even.


2 thoughts on “The forced dissolution of digitalism (part I)

    • fair comment Phil. The point I’m trying to make however, is to question and/or curb our reliance on this false reality, and address our disconnect, rather than severing it completely. The world does indeed exist in paradox though.. Thanks for your thoughts.

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