There is no shame in doing anything that you truly want to.  Within reason, of course.  Sometimes – not… As long as it really doesnt really endanger innocent bystanders, why should anyone really hold it against you?  Fuck, even some of the most glorious moments that can be experienced involve vast amounts of danger.  The running of the bulls is a prime example, though id rather not be sodomized by gouging, as novel and as unique as that sounds.

It is a shame though, that some largely innocuous, legal activities do need to be kept under the radar. – For whatever reason.  Things like expressing yourself, experiencing music, creating utopian – albeit temporary – communities, and enjoying an environment where judgement, boudaries, borders or common, everyday conceptions and misconceptions are essentially dissolved.

For some reason, this isnt cool.  Or acceptable.  In fact, it is best to hide what you’re up to.  Suggest nothing.  Lie about what it is you’re really doing, purely because it doesnt fit within a social paradigm that you – as a member of society – had no say in fashioning.  It really is a bit absurd.  But you know its how things are.  – Why?  Are you just going to take this shit?

Our lives and our travels were advised (are advised) as best being kept secret.  Something like:

“Hi! We’re just off on a trip of a lifetime to discover unknown things about ourselves, experience art and music, share love, joy, happiness and build a strong sense of community and one-ness that is lacking in modern society, at the peril of us all, might i add.  Apparently, we will even learn other valuable life skills relevant to environmental sustainability and waste reduction, and self preservation and self reliance, while sharing philosophies and stories that will enhance our attitudes towards a whole gamut of ideas that will only serve to better us all, and the communities we live in.  Meanwhile, we will leave no trace of our activities – perhaps even improving the landscape that supports them; while any monies raised will go towards local community projects and other organisations that will greatly benefit from our generosity and kind-spirited revelry.  – Is that ok?” ..

– ” No.  Of course not… – But here’s a membership card and fifty bucks so you can go to the local mall, fill up on fat food and sugary poisonous liquids, before you get high on pharmaceutical drugs (if you want some smack, you can grab it from one of the spick trolley boys in the carpark) buy a couple of bottles of whiskey, a handgun and some ammo and head out onto the streets downtown for some real fun!  And dont forget to gamble the last of your change in a slot machine on your way out!  And remember:  Free thinkers are dangerous…” 

With any luck, they hoped we’d die from alcohol or tobacco poisoning, or at least kill enough people to see us jailed indefinitely.  Or so it seemed.  Jails were very profitable after all.  Happy, free society, not so much.

Anyway:  Dream on.  Think for yourself.  All is not lost.

This is our life.

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