3 things you can make for christmas gifts

Everything we buy has some cost outside of what we actually pay at the counter.  Whether its the cost to the person who made it and the precious time that they might have to spend away from their family, the cost on our environment or shipping lanes and the wildlife effected, or the cost of fuel to transport something from its origin of manufacturing to the store, there is always a hidden story within every product we consume and use.  More often than not unfortunately, this cost isn’t factored in to how much we pay for a product, basically meaning that the earth or the person or people that made it, are barely even getting any thanks for what they’ve provided!

a little stash of my sister’s old clothes. just need a little paint, some scissors, stitching here and there, some glue, a few embellishments and a creative twist!

One way we can avoid making an unnecessary impact on our planet, or avoid needless exploitation, is by buying locally produced goods.  Beyond this though, why not try making your Christmas gifts (or gifts for any other time, for that matter)?  It means virtually no impact on the planet (depending on whether or not you have to buy anything additional) and not least, spending less money!  Here are my ‘3 things’.

My sister is moving overseas this year, so i was lucky enough to be able to have a search through all of her old clothes and accessories, and found quite a stash of potential pre-loved pieces that ill be able to perfectly prime for presentation to some precious peeps.

  Think recycled fashion and wares, once loved, now re-loved.

Pieces can be adorned with little embellishments you might find lying around, and all it takes is a bit of creativity and some simple stitching or good quality glue to refashion something old, into something unique and refreshed – all with your own personal, loving touch!

Another little treasure i discovered lying around at home – and the second of my ‘3 things ill be making for Christmas’ – are these little ceramic pots (pictured below).  With a bit of love, there are so many ways that they can be turned into something special and fun.  I’m going to paint them with chalkboard paint (which you can easily find at any hardware store) so i can write little messages on them for the giftees (they’ll then be able to rub it off and use it anyway they like – who needs post-it notes!).  I also plan on using dried flowers, stuck firm in a little cork base to keep them standing tall, and after cleaning and lining the pots with plastic, they’ll be ready to fill with number three of the little gifts ill be making this Christmas!

little ceramic pots i found in the garage. so many other uses

Making food or giving food as gifts is a great Christmas idea that reduces our impact on the earth, provides a little personal touch and also benefits others, helping them to reduce their impact too!  For my third homemade xmas gift, I’ll be filling these little pots with some homemade icecream i’ll be making – something that is much easier to make than you may think, might i add.  – All you really need is some eggs, sugar, lots of cream and some funky flavours to make it memorable.  I’m going to make mine with almond, gin and orange zest.  Find a recipe online and get involved!

There really is no limit to the ways in which we can look at our gift-giving choices throughout the year – only your creativity.  One thing that is for sure though, is that there is a new lease on life to be found in so many things that we think we can no longer use!  So get inspired and re-use, recycle and re-love this Christmas.  Save your cash and save a piece of the planet too!

‘3things’ is an initiative of Oxfam Australia.  It is a:  “movement for global goodness. The idea is that if we all take steps to act ethically, sustainably and generously we can change the world one individual decision at a time. This can happen on a local, national or global scale – and through our combined small actions we can reduce poverty, live in a world where everyone has the opportunity to express their basic human rights and the environment is sustained.”

find out more here


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