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on this day in 2011, her majesty the queen (also known as the queen of Australia) visited my home town of Brisbane, to wave from a boat and receive bouquets of flowers from small children

Below is a hypothetical list of grievances voiced by some, during a recent experience i had (insert experience here).  To me, talking about these kinds of problems – any problems – longer than is necessary is not a part of any solution to solve them.  I may be termed impatient.  Perhaps it is so.  – Sure there are many paths to the one goal, but what’s the point in forgoing proactivity?  What’s the point in not challenging your surroundings?  And connecting to people again.  And the earth.

Because of the universal nature of some of the solutions to each ‘grievance’, they aren’t in their corresponding columns.  Maybe its the possibility that the problems we have are with each other, or ourselves.  Its interesting to see how applicable some of the solutions are to many aspects of life, whatever the problem.  This is the reason why the ‘grievances’ i heard (and read) inspired this research and this tabulation.  – Their ‘universality’.  And the echo of that word…

Although im not sure who the author of the work is, credit must go to Pete ‘Bulldog’ Barr for a couple of ‘quotes’, in green

An equally inspiring figure Jacque Fresco made a famous speech where he outlined the problems of the world (things such as hunger, crime, racism, hate, climate change, overpopulation etc) as being caused by people, as in ‘people problems’…

For further stimuli on this topic, and to see where this information was found lose your inhibitions (click)

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Problem/Complaint Solution
The interest rate on my credit card is too high Extinguish your own hates and fears.  Dissolve them.  Leave the hate at home.  It may be hindering your thoughts.  Your energy.  Even your trajectory in life.
I cant afford adequate housing Buy organic produce.  Better still, grow it yourself, and only consume what you grow and grow with.  Reduce the amount of unnatural labor, resource and pollution normally involved in the production process.
The water from my tap is poisoning me Be clear about your cause and your actions.  Plan your trajectory in advance, and be prepared for any mistakes or mishaps that may occur.  Anticipate them.  Operate within a purpose-built organizational structure.  Use positive motivators, instead of negativity or blame.  Be over-prepared and well-informed.
The food at the supermarket is tampered with Limit your interaction with television and mainstream media.  Better still, seek information from as wide a range of media and orientation of media as possible.  As often as possible, question what you are told, what you see, hear and think.
My brain is being dumbed down by mainstream media Limit your interaction with the big banks.  Take back what is yours.  Don’t use credit cards.  Forgo the things you would ordinarily purchase on credit until you can truly afford them.  If you must, investigate thoroughly the cheapest credit card options.  Look into supporting a local building society or credit union.
I hate the corporations Boycott the corporations.  Boycott ‘big business’.  Buy independent or local.  It’s waiting for you.  Investigate the alternatives in order to stop investing your money in their corporate bottom line.  Produce and manufacture at home, as much of what you consume as possible.
I cant afford new clothes Use your energy to promote your beliefs.  Be passionate about what you feel strongly about, and educate yourself as much as possible on the matters at hand, as well as the forces and entities opposing them.  Build support networks around your ideas.  Commit yourself.  Become a force to contend with.
I cant afford health care Look within yourself and listen to your body’s rhythm.  Cure your ailments naturally.  Educate yourself on the alternatives – there are many.  Many of them are free or inexpensive.  Make peace with your energy.  Streamline your mind, body and spirit.  Nurture yourself with what it is you need.  Your health will flourish.
Everyone is full of hate for us and our cause Swap old items in your wardrobe for new, or trade other goods.  Organise a swap.  Recycle or refashion old or pre-loved clothes.  Shop at 2nd hand and thrift stores.  Sew.  Cut.  Use pins.  Glue.  Brooches.  Be different.  Free.  Unique.  Be creative.  Express yourself.
People don’t understand where we are coming from Don’t drink anything you don’t agree with.  Filter your water.  Find alternatives.  Read ingredients.  Do research.  Educate yourself towards them.  Don’t put anything in your body that you don’t feel compelled to.  Especially if you hear its poisonous.  It is always your choice.
My body is constantly being threatened by undisclosed active and inactive ingredients in the products I consume Consider what it is you can sacrifice to better house yourself.  Seek advice from friends and family.  Take comfort and shelter from those you love, and those who love you.  Be compassionate, and it will be returned to you.  Let it live in your heart.  Plan families.  Be aware of all the responsibilities and implications of an expanding family unit.  Respect your home environment to the enth degree.
The media is lying about our actions and our cause Be aware of what you are buying, consuming, eating and breathing.  If you are suspicious, or unsure, investigate.  If there is still uncertainty, don’t use it.  You are not trapped or obliged to do anything.
The government doesn’t represent my opinions Engage in promoting causes that are relevant and specific to a local area.  Gain support by appealing to people’s interests or empathy.  Don’t attack or alienate.  Point out what people have to lose.  Educate them.  Make them see what you are fighting for, not who you are fighting against.
Big business has more power than my vote Reduce the costs of your lifestyle.  Use less of everything.  Use less fuel, water, electricity, food, footwear.  Cut back gradually.  Conserve wherever possible.  Everything adds up in the long run.  Be aware and educated towards where your cash is flowing.  Analyse it.  Be prepared to compromise or sacrifice.  What is really making you happy?
I need more money The haters also wish you would leave them alone:  Leave the hate at the gate.
I need to work less Can you survive on less money?  I.e: With less expenses (see above)
I wish the haters would leave us alone Share love.  Reconnect with the world and its people.  Lose your inhibitions more often.  Talk to strangers.  Listen to their stories.  Lose your judgment.  Smile at everyone.  Be open to people’s ideas.  Just listen.  Travel.  Focus on the positive, not the negative.  The love, humanity, our strength and complexity, not greed, selfishness or exploitation.
There is too much greed in this world Create a new language that revolves around something else.  A new currency.  Something that cannot be bought or sold, qualified or even touched.  Flood the earth with it.  Flood your life and everybody’s.

Money talks

Dont listen to it.  Learn another language.  Diversify.  Be yourself.  Create a language of your own
Adopting a lifestyle outside of ‘the system’ is extremely hard Don’t settle for anything less.  Change.  Challenge yourself.  Be uncomfortable.  Persist.  It will soon become the norm.  This is a radical moment.  It will not happen painlessly, or go unnoticed.  Persist.  It will soon become the norm.

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