Revolution worldwide, capturing the hearts and minds of all

On September 17th, 2011 the world began to change.  Around 5000 peaceful protesters descended upon America’s Wall St. financial district, placards in hand and the will of the world in their hearts and minds.  Now, two weeks later, the Occupy Wall st movement has spread worldwide, with encampments in financial districts all across the entirety of the US, in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Lisbon and London (click here for more info).

There is absolutely no doubt that the citizens of the world have long been fed up with the abhorrent greed of the financial and corporate sector and the governments that pander to their money-driven, unsustainable, selfish needs, and now sentiments are being mobilized everywhere, as the ‘elite’ minority begin to quiver in their suits, wondering whether their flawed system will last for much longer, in the face of such passionate, justified opposition.

Across Australia, the Occupy movement is building, with many passionate, informed citizens rallying in solidarity with our conterparts who caused the initial, radical groundswell.  There has never been a better time for social justice.

We are at the forefront of a massive social change.  A revolution.  The status quo as we know it is threatening to collapse, and reinvent itself in favour of the people, humanity and the earth that sustains us all.  It is nothing less than exciting, as the once voiceless, now stand up to be heard, once and for all, and for one and for all.

Here is where you can find out whats going on in your city:





You can also stay tuned to up to date news and movements by following these groups on twitter by using the hashtags:

#OccupyBrisbane, #OccupySydney, #OccupyMelbourne etc

This is not some passing fad.  This movement has the full and serious support of respected political philosophers like Noam Chomsky and Michael Moore click here to read Chomsky’s vote of support.

to be continued ..

Michael Moore and Tom Morello speaking about Occupy Wall st

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