The youtube video below is a link to a revealing, informative and harrowing look at the evolution of modern man, and our impact on the earth, our home.  It raises some very important points about the toll our modern lifestyles and systems are taking on the earth, and provides some excellent – if frightening – statistics and information that can certainly empower or enlighten us all.



(apologies for not being able to embed this file, as this function has been nullified by the author or authors of the film)




Please take some time to watch this powerful film and if you believe in it, it resonates with you, or you simply find it interesting, thought-provoking or stimulating, please pass it on to your friends in your social networks and beyond, by posting it to your social media(s), blogspots, t-shirts, skywriters, billboards, mental environment, shopping centres, bumper stickers, dog’s collars, hair cuts, cigarette packets, business cards etc..

Spread the word
We are all in this together.


Yours sincerely,



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