A letter to humanity

Dear people,

I think it is absolutely disgusting that amongst the carbon tax/climate change debate, the strongest, most prevalent theme still remains one of growth and money.

In absurd contradiction to the cause that they are supposedly fighting for, the Australian Conservation Foundation and the ‘say yes Australia‘ campaign,  in their ‘carbon tax explained in 2 minutes’ instructional/promotional video,   even include the line “so we can stay in line with climate science, and keep growing our economy” .

Surely it is high time that we realised that a carbon tax, or the climate change debate should be the catalyst that society needs (the world over) to instigate the dramatic change to our greedy lifestyles – and the status quo – that the survival of our environment and ecology depends on.

Only when humanity can detach itself from our selfish desires for ‘money’ and ‘growth’ (which unfortunately, our ‘modern’ economic systems seem to rely  on) will we be able to predict some longevity for the human race and the earth, our home.

Until then, the carbon tax (and any tax on emissions) is merely lip-service to mother nature (as is the climate change debate), so we can happily continue on our senseless, plundering, thoughtless, materialistic, over-consuming ways.

It is time that there was some intelligent debate and open, accessible resources to bring our environmental responsibilities to the fore, making a lifestyle change a priority for us all, and prompting the world community to finally begin to live sustainably, instead of exploitatively.

Yours in dismay,


3 thoughts on “A letter to humanity

  1. Understandable point made but can climate change mitigation be sustained without growth knowing that money in the biggest motivator? That is not going to change, as far as the trends indicate. It may sound a bit paradoxical but the means to understand and realize the folly of immoderate growth powered by greed has actually been possible because of the same growth especially in techno-economic regime.

    In my view, we need to turn the disadvantages of corporate thinking it on its head. Use the same money making drive to power the projects where their impact on environmental conservation, pollution abatement and GHG reduction is highest. Simply, making money correct the mistakes it made.

    Check this out: http://www.businessweek.com/small-business/disruptive-startups-that-dont-get-funded-07282011.html

    • hey man. thanks for your thoughts and your subscription. spread the word. i am confused however: how can you agree that “materialism has taken us down” if you still believe that money be the central factor in environmental conservation? As long as people lust for money (and material things – which money only mostly buys) money will not ‘correct the mistakes’ it has made, but proliferate them. Im not saying money should be banned (cos that will never happen now) but we surely need to be less obsessed with the things we gain from it, and the things we perceivewe gain from it.

      I am just about to go to a week long festival where commerce is completely banned. There is no money whatsoeverallowed to be used within the festival grounds, and i estimate that it will be one of the most exhilaratingly harmonious events of my life.

      • Agreed that money proliferates materialism, but without it, quelling environmental concerns, energy woes and sustainability projects simply cannot happen. While materialism is using money to satisfy one’s desires which are not usually environmentally safe, making money “correct its mistakes” means directing the power vested in it towards a greater good, in this case environment safeguard. Check this out: http://wp.me/p1KcjV-2Q

        Simply put, without money we wont have renewable energy projects that are necessary for climate change mitigation!

        Enjoy your trip!


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