Let our earth be the focus

In the often heated debate relating to the current state of environmental affairs the world over, there is one catchcry that is more often used than any other – ‘climate change‘.  ‘Climate change’ has become an emblem of sorts, for the environmentalist’s and green’s uphill battle the world over against big business, carbon emissions, pollution, species extinction, rising water levels, melting glaciers and more, in an almost endless list of the symptomatic evidence of humanity’s effect on our earth.

There is a certain irony in the prevalence of this couple of words though – a memorable alliteration, not unlike any other marketing strategy that the very consumer-capitalist system that is causing the world’s problems attaches to any cunning product or ad-campaign devised – which is also allowing ‘sceptics’ to throw any scientific evidence for ‘climate change’ (or lack of) back in the faces of those most passionate about halting its apparent rise, compromising our environment’s argument.

We need to step away from the temptation to use this ‘evidence’ and coin this catchphrase, at the risk of it becoming the cross on which our environment will be crucified.  Instead, people need to have their attention brought to the things that are real, relevant and tangible in their lives – the rising prices of scarce(r) goods, the falling quality of our water supplies, the cost of electricity and fossil fuel, the rate of species extinction (humans included) and population growth, our rate of debt and spending (i.e. consumption) and how a focus on growth in our economies, ignores the fact that we live in a finite world, for example – separate of the need for some catchy moniker to sell humanity the idea that we all love living on this earth.

Then, most importantly, will the world’s attention finally be focused wholly on the falling trees around them, the chaos on our roads, the noise on the streets, the drying rivers, the diminishing food supply, the disappearing flora and fauna, the unusual weather, and the future of us all.

We’re not trying to sell an idea that the general population isnt interested in – like a ‘war on terror‘.  We’re not trying to manufacture fear (or terror) and consumption.  We’re talking about the future of humanity here.

We dont need some cleverly conceived climate change catchcry to emblazon our cause: we have our earth, mother nature and the future of humanity to represent our fight.

This is the only argument we need.  Drop the catchy slogans.

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