“Why should we care about what the greens are doing?”

That headline is in fact, an exact quote from one of the (unidentified) police officers, from The Gap police station (in the suburb where i grew up) in Brisbane Australia.

After taking my bike to check out a meeting for the Australian Greens party, constable Marty Hill (from the same police station, travelling towards the city in his spec’d up Toyota Camry cop car) saw me riding my bike along the other side of the road, and instructed me (helmetless) to walk it home.

Obviously i took no notice of this, ignoring my harmless offence.  But Mr Hill – being the crime-fighting, citizen protecting, community-minded police-officer that he is – wasnt having a bar of this, and he turned around and planted his carbon footprint to his car’s floor in pursuit of me.

I was later apprehended just hundreds of meters from my house, and in the ensuing argument was able to coax some golden quotes and shining displays of our law enforcement officer’s attitudes towards society today.

There is a real ‘us and them’ stigma in the police force (strongly opposed to the motto on their badges “to serve and protect”, it seems) according to the previously unknown fact that “ignorant people are usually the ones breaking the law”.  Hang on Marty, didnt Derryn Hinch (Australian radio and talk show personality) just go to jail for unlawfully disclosing the name of a pedophile on his radio show?

Sure Mr Hinch is very ignorant about some issues, but you didnt mean to put me in the same basket as him, did you?  What about all the crimes committed by banking and finance CEOs, or even the president of the USA, against his own people and thousands of civillians the world over?  Im not like them, am i?  (I fucking hope not).

The unidentified officer (unidentified and unidentifiable, because of his big jacket, protecting his soft core from the earth’s elements) is the man we can thank for the intelligent and bigoted quote in this article’s headline.  When i asked him if he knew the Greens were meeting this morning, he curtly replied “Why should we care about what the greens are doing?” – and to which he added (after i mentioned i thought he “might be interested in whats happening in the local community [you] are supposedly trying to protect” ) “are we supposed to call them up every day and ask them if they’ve got meetings on, are we?”

I could almost hear the laughter, imagine the bouncing chuckling bellies and see the chummy prods of elbows, in the ribs of his fellow officers the country over, saying: “Ha, he’s a funny lad, he’ll go far in ‘the force’, he will”. – He might as well have throw in a “nah nah na nahh nahh”, at the end of his ‘rebuttal’..

After a tirade of abuse (probably the third tirade actually, featuring attacks on their education, opinions, law enforcement techniques, and adding lines such as “you’re only justifying the fact that you are amongst the most hated people in our society” and “you’re doing a great job protecting the community, arent ya buddy” – to which he (unidentified) responded as you would expect most schoolkids to respond) (unidentified) had gathered an argument in his head.

“Im too thick to have an opinion, arent i mate?”  “Im asking you dude”  “Yeah, but im too thick to have an opinion, because im a police officer”  “Yes well, thats my point, but im giving you the chance now, right?”  “Right.  What was the meeting about anyway, the carbon tax and stuff?”  (here he displays his intelligence – finally – by adding the words “and stuff” at the end of his question).

His ‘opinions’ (Marty wasnt available for questioning, as he was filling out my infringement notice – and i hope that was recycled paper buddy?) are barely worth publishing, going something along the lines of “Oh yeah, i reckon something needs to be done, but i dont know if i can change anything” …

At this point, one thing became beautifully obvious to me: – i may be ignorant towards the law (and certainly, law enforcement officers) but those who extended its ‘long arm’ to me today, are blatantly ignorant about their own community (which they apparently serve?) and the world around them –  something that is probably more important.

I suffered a $100 penalty for my infringement.

The Australian Greens party – or indeed any political party, or anyone at all – does not endorse the views stated in this article.  Most notably because i am ignorant

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