The future is in our hands, right now

Worldwide, and even as this piece is being written, tumult from disdained, confused, threatened and fed up societies, communities, fellow men and women, their families, peers, co-workers and neighbours are gathering together to question the status quo.

They are gathering to question authority in the form of dictatorships, oppressive regimes, greedy banks, crippled governments, lack of stability, child abuse, war crimes, bacteria outbreaks and myriad other perceived threats to their lives, while still laboring to sow the seeds of hope for a prosperous and bright future for themselves and for some, for all humankind.  What is even more poignant, is the change that these outcries are causing – that now more than ever, as we band together, our voices are being heard, change is being effected.

Recently in  Australia, there has been wonderfully liberating evidence, affirming the solidarity of the citizens’, our right to free speech and ultimately, the effects that our rallying together can cause – most notably with the backlash against the banning of the ‘Rip and Roll’ campaign, promoting safe sex within the gay community (the banned ads now being reinstated, and set to go nationwide) and Australia’s live animal export to inhumane Indonesian slaughterhouses (to where Australian livestock is now temporarily banned from being transported).

In this tumultuous time in earth’s existence – and indeed, the existence of us all – the irony of this situation is almost grim.  Almost.  As we fight for the rights of everything around us, and even the rights of those animals other than our kind, the need to speak out and act in solidarity for the very home that sustains it all is being lost on civilization, amidst the blur of media, advertising and consumerism that is contributing to all our other grievances, fears and shortcomings.

Why is it that we can stand up for what feeds us, for the oppressed, for the victimised and abused,  for the mistreated and the misused, but we ignore the seriousness of the policies, decisions, choices, habits and vices that are strangling the life out of the very house that inhabits all that we are currently fighting for, all 0ver the world?   Is it not time that our environment and its sustainability became the most important thing on everyone’s agenda?

In the coming weeks and months and indeed, the coming years, humanity has the chance to change the status quo.  A chance to speak out and reconfigure the misguided, lopsided, dying system – a system that ignores our live’s costs on the earth – that is slowly bludgeoning our mother nature to death, to the demise of the many and to the benefit and gain of a greedy, unsympathetic, thoughtless few.

As our future, and the future of humanity and our beautiful earth depends on it, now is the time.  Now is the time to detach ourselves as far as possible from the mores, vices and poisons of our over-consuming, earth-raping society’s ‘only’ systems, and support our local communities:  Buy local produce, grow your own, share it with your neighbours;  think sustainably: use less power, save water, create less waste, support sustainable products, taxes, services and prices; share knowledge: give freely, think widely, educate the people to the cause; and control our desires: assess our needs, question our luxuries, increase our state of consciousness and question all that is around you.  It is no longer taboo to challenge what we know, or what we’re told.

Above all, we can all get together,  unite and share our common voice, for our common goal – just as it is happening all around the world, right now – for almost infinite reasons and speak out against, share the word for and show our solidarity for the future of our earth.

Now is the time for change.  The world is waiting.  What will you do?

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