Brief letter to Australian parliament and Australia’s ‘Sunday Mail’

Julia Gillard has far more than the ‘mandate’ that you suggest voters believe she doesnt have (Sunday mail May 22, 2011), regarding the introduction of a carbon tax next year.  While voters cry foul (blindly, i might add) over a tax that apparently she ‘promised should wouldnt introduce’, Ms. Gillard has more than a mandate, whether we like it or not – she has an obligation.

A carbon tax should be seen by all of us as in incentive to reduce the amount of carbon we produce and the amount of resources we use, in this finite world that we live in.  Instead, voters seem to be viewing it as another burdensome cost in their lives, rather than considering the ways in which we can all reduce our carbon footprint and hence, avoid bearing the brunt of the very tax that is causing this furor, while doing a favor to our earth and its inhabitants – current and future.

We live in a finite world and currently, our land, its soil, wildlife, flora and fauna, the oceans and their inhabitants and the very existence of our race are being threatened (or even disappearing) at a rate faster than any recorded in human history, while our population expands uncontrollably, and governments continue to focus on unsustainable growth, production and consumption, in a world we have already outgrown.

Ms Gillard should be applauded for her decision, and we should be proud of the possibility that Australia has the chance to lead the world in arresting some of the problems that may prove catastrophic for our earth and us all.

We should be opening our minds to the idea that it is time we all reduced our carbon footprints, and our levels of consumption and production (rather than focusing on the often selfish, thoughtless lifestyles and habits that we are constantly told to maintain), before we guarantee a grim future for our country, this amazing earth, our own children and generations to come.

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