We’re all gonna die

‘Osama is dead, Obama announces’ cry the headlines.  Is this a typo?  Did Al Jazeera just broadcast a video of cult terrorist leader Bin Laden, admitting he killed the U.S president?  Apparently not.  Apparently its true.  Well, what better time to boast about death, then when you’ve finally pinched the man on the top of the most wanted list that you created!  And across all media platforms, do the glorious cries of victory and justice sound…

A loose term, ‘justice’ may seem.  – Having caused ‘thousands’ of deaths across the world (allegedly) – including inside the world trade centre (allegedly) on that fateful 11th of September  – ending one man’s life at the cost of thousands, and a financial outlay in the trillions, hardly seems justifiable – by any means.

Osama is really just a symbol of a fight.  America’s fight.  A fight that we’re all supposed to support.  Just as when he was alive, him and his ‘al qaeda’ were symbols of fear and ‘terror’, his image or name to be used wherever the giant US media and its conglomerates needed to manipulate public support, or increase our fears, and feed the machine.

Why not publish a front page piece with one of the most narrow-minded, genocidal, prejudiced, ignorant, war-mongering, iron-fist wielding tyrants of modern times as its representative ‘face’, and see if that face isnt a former American president?  Sorry Mr Bush.  Sorry to your whole arms loving, war loving family actually.  And sorry Mr Reagan.  Mr Nixon.  .. etc

All too quick are we to jump on the bandwagon of support when it suits us – or fits in with our prefabricated ideals – but we won’t bother noticing (less so looking into) the grim situations that millions in Central and South America, the middle east and the West Indies suffered (some still suffering) at the hands of American led, US installed dictatorships (start by looking up  America’s relationship with Augusto Pinochet). That’s because we’re told its for the best, just like we’re told that a trillion dollar campaign, with thousands of spent lives to find one man, or keep a country safe (remember, the media helps you to live in fear) is for the best too.

I thought that putting some of that money towards combating climate change, for example (the UK’s guardian newspaper reported last year that it would take developing countries 1 trillion dollars of funding to help them cope with climate change over the next 10 years) helping us to sustain our lives, and granting a future to coming generations, might have been for the best too.  Probably not the best for the scourge of capitalist consumerism controlling governments and the media worldwide.

And the global media can now add another anniversary to its list of anniversaries they can stir to keep the worldwide pot of hatred and fear to support their interests, simmering away nicely, ready to boil over whenever they choose to throw some hype or hyperbole into the cauldron.

And as the bandwagon pulls away, we’ll probably all just stand with our hands on our hips, bored again.  Waiting to be fearful once more, at the cue of our favourite media source.  We scratch our heads wondering did it really effect our lives that he was out there?  Am i really safer now?  Did i even think about this evil man for even one day?  So why are we all talking about him now that he’s dead?

For all the gloating and boasting, the US, its partners and allies will probably have more to fear than before.  – There’s something for the fearmongerers to use down the track.

And in today’s news alternative, courtesy of


‘Obama Bin Laden Dead’: FOX News affiliate defends itself for typo’

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