Poor America

Some of my favourite news sources revealed this week, that there were ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ that planned on making greater, more severe attacks on the United States, just after the devastating and/or alleged 9/11 attacks on the country. Reports said that some ‘insurgents’ or ‘terrorists’ planned on using things such as their ‘shipping connections’ to smuggle large amounts of explosives into the country (for example) – and even nuclear materials, perhaps – in order to be detonated and with a view to destroy and cause catchy, capitalist heart-rendering things such as ‘total community chaos’, ‘nationwide devastation’ or ‘massive civil unrest and insecurity’.  It all sounds pretty grim, and apparently there were hundreds of these attacks planned, only months after America would still be reeling from the September 11 attacks.

For some reason the tone of the article almost pleaded with the reader to sympathise with the hardships that America must be facing, suffering from this constant threat of attack, and for a second there you could almost be forgiven for thinking ‘god, they really wanted to take these fuckers down, they’re lucky it wasnt worse’…

Be that as it may though, these ‘insurgents’ and ‘terrorists’ must only really be the tip of the iceberg for the US of A.  To this ever-expanding list of threats on their international security (towards which the US will continue to throw billions of dollars from its massive pile of surplus cash it currently enjoys, mindlessly feeding their ‘security industry’ and arms manufacturers – some of its biggest, best known fortune 500 companies in the United States, and the world, like GE) there is also the general world-wide hatred for the US that fuels this volatile fire.

Terrorists are striking chords with the general population of the world, with struggling colonies and former slave camps – all over the west indies, in Haiti – or peoples that struggled under US-imposed dictatorships – like those in Chile, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Venezuela and more – and on the door of this large house of hostility comes knocking a seething crowd of commoners, soon to be just as extreme as any bearded religious combatant.  Poor America.

Its not just a crazed Muslim element attacking their righteous Christian right they have to be afraid about now – there are millions of people worldwide opposing their bigotry, discrimination, greed, stupor, lies, manipulation, control, loud nature, arrogance, sanctions and their world-wide officiating, as unsurprised as we all are by the fact that they’re crying foul over attacks passed, and attacks planned on their glorious country.

How dare anyone be so ungrateful, when all the US is doing is their job of protecting and running the world.  Of course America would be the source of such stigma, when its surely at the forefront of world policing.  Poor America – thanks guys.

You can see the article i was reading didnt pull much favour with me, and i really couldnt help thinking ‘havent you guys ever wondered: why so much stigma?’.  Surely the US cant just be blaming their Christian views and their role as captain of the team defending the earth that they own?  Surely America has noticed the fact that some hostiles might think they’re actually asking for it?  Surely America has noticed that there are millions more dreaming of their demise and plotting against them, than only the dozens of terrorists that they implicate and have implicated as enemies of their state?  Poor America – we all hope so.

How about all their invasions, enslavenments, bombing campaigns, genocides, cover-ups, lies, manipulation, power-mongering, corruption, greed, financial scams, speculation, arms sales, arms manufacturers, arms interests, assassinations, wars, leaked documents, dictatorships, disasters, scams, murderers, rapists, cult-leaders, monopolies, irresponsible technologies, genetic manipulations, thoughtless consumers and ignorance?

Rarely is the reason why ‘terrorists’ want to ‘attack’ America actually analysed or spoken of.  Continuously, the media will stoke the fires of hatred towards ‘the enemy’ rather than addressing their own personal follies at home.  Rather than seeing the error of their own – very American – aggressive ways.  Condoning, coaxing, creating, facilitating war, aggression and terror, in denial, and blind to the possibilities of pacifism, peace, self-control and reconciliation.  After all, the fight will be over, if the public dont live in fear.  The machine that feeds its capitalist hunger, and lives vicariously on world-fuck, will start to shut down.

Poor America.

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