a thought from the future


there’s a television presenter who makes like taking a photo is synonymous with pressing the ‘take photo’ button on your mobile phone…

and it just made me ponder for a second, just how our everyday life dictates our perceptions and adjusts our behaviours?  Surely there was a time when there wasnt any way to easily gesture the action of taking a photo – and certainly not with the ease that a simple press of a thumb on some imaginary button, held like a trigger in a hand would suggest is the art of taking a photo?

Has life been dissolved – diluted into a quest for ease and convenience, simplicity and unchallenging problems?  Where children too will grow to learn only of how easy things are, and never how hard or time-honoured they were.  Where patience isnt a virtue, but a rarity.  Where everything is dumbed down because everyone is doing it.  – And if they’re not, they can, or they soon will.  – You too can be like this!  You too can have this!  You too can feel this!  You too can look like this! After all, we really are just a mindless pack animal (or is that mono-minded?), so surely we want what everyone else has?  Dont we?

As the self-serving beasts that we are – always wanting (lustingly, desirously) what we lack, hardly satisfied with what we’ve got – our silly, unsubstantiated urges and energies will see that we strive to have it all.  – Everything.  In the palm of our hands.

As technology advances, are we really advancing humanity?  Or is it an illusion?  A false reality?  Something more attached to the avenue to exploit our weakness and folly – and fill the pockets of their creators – than the notion of self-improvement or a better world?

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