rape and pillage without care


Along with the rest of the mining industry, one of Australia’s biggest conglomerates BHP Billiton has yet again taken actions to install a project that does nothing but proliferate their gigantic profits, after the absolutely careless rape and pillage of Australian land.  The after effects, side effects, direct effects, indirect effects and other profound consequences can easily be imagined, but are simply nothing that matters enough to BHP to curtail their gross superficial and material desires that their CEO, board and shareholders insist upon and expect.   Its nothing but uncontrolled, irrational desires for money, at their best.

the following article was published by the Australian Conservation Foundation, and can be viewed at this address: http://www.acfonline.org.au/articles/news.asp?news_id=3233&eid=22606


Calls for BHP to explain plans for leaky uranium mine

Date: 16-Nov-2010

BHP Billiton is pushing ahead with plans for an open pit mine at Roxby Downs in South Australia, despite receiving more than 4,000 complaints against its proposal and evidence the mine is designed to leak radioactive waste.

“BHP has designed the Olympic Dam mine to leak up to three million litres of liquid radioactive waste every day until 2050,” said Australian Conservation Foundation nuclear free campaigner David Noonan.

“This leakage is not a possibility, it’s a given. BHP has told the government the mine will leak.

“The company also plans to leave behind 68 million tonnes of toxic crushed rock every year, ‘hidden’ under a wafer thin layer of dirt.

“The company has no plan to clean up the area after it has taken the uranium it wants, intending instead to leave a toxic lake as a permanent radioactive scar on the landscape.

“BHP’s board should explain how it will keep radioactive mine tailings isolated from the surrounding environment for at least 10,000 years, as the Federal Government requires at the Ranger open pit uranium mine in Kakadu.”

At BHP Billiton’s annual general meeting in Perth today ACF will ask the company’s board if its proposed new open pit mining project is only economically viable because the company will not responsibly manage its radioactive waste.

“If BHP’s board is unwilling to meet these basic standards of corporate responsibility then the Federal Government should require the company to do so,” Mr Noonan said.

With BHP Billiton about to release a Supplement to the Olympic Dam Expansion Environmental Impact Statement, ACF has called on the mining giant to:


  1. Avoid nuclear risks by processing only copper, not uranium, at Olympic Dam
  2. Prevent leakage of toxic waste, instead sealing it for the standard 10,000 years
  3. Openly consult the public on project alternatives and the real extent of mining impacts.


Its only a matter of time before our incessant, unending greed for more causes the complete demise of our home.  And if it doesnt happen in our lifetime, we’ll simply be guaranteeing it for future generations.  Choosing to ignore the effects that overconsumption and greed have on our life and our future, is like waving your friend off a bridge as they jump to their certain death.

We can all make the choice to let money move away from the centre of our lives, and let our communities  and humanity be the common tie that bonds us all.

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