Idiots unite to smoke the world

This piece of text is by no means intended to be a representation of any persons named.  Any similarities are purely coincidental.

I was taking a flight in Thailand when some strange masochistic, little-considered desire caused me to pick up a Wall Street Journal from the free newspaper stand on my way across my flight’s aerobridge.  Page after page of literally nothing but money-obsessed ‘news’ stories and one-minded analysis made me wonder just what sort of people actually pick up this newspaper every day and I imagined them, continuously shaking my head in anger and loathing.

You could qualify the demographic one way by simply looking at the price, which probably averaged well above 5 or 6 times any other newspaper anywhere, or you could look at this quote from Douglas Murray’s October 6 opinion piece entitled ‘Preventing the next Mumbai’:

‘One of the most common taunts of Islamists is’  “We love death more than you love life.” – (according to who?)  – ‘At some point they will find another opportunity to demonstrate this’, he continues ‘At which point we must remind them that there is nothing unhealthy about loving life.

In the meantime, if death is so attractive to them, then we will continue to do what we can to bring it to them.’…

Them’s fightin words…

Some crazed elite slurps up this shit every day, all happily or blindly collectively perpetuating their mindless, childish greed and stupidity, armed with their $9 newspaper, its tantric propaganda and agendas and neo-fascist, bigoted, dim-witted contributors.

Then they all gather in their small worlds, travelling to and from, in big shiny cars with big engines, sitting in audacious offices, full of falseness, deception, profit reports, ass-kissing, ostentation, back patting, inbreeding and back stabbing and lies, enjoying further growth of their burgeoning world, composted by the pharmaceutical supplement, and quick-fix-pill-rich shit pouring from their mouths.

And their fearful, paranoid worldview keeps spinning out of control, like a chariot led by an insatiable beast of power or domination.

Sucking on life, smoking the world, they flick the parts of humanity that they think aren’t needed in their system (before they realise they could probably just exploit them to feed their inbred circles of power), like ash from their own personal gigantic world-cigarette, watching the ashes disappear with as much fuss as a wind sweeping them from a metaphorical ashtray that is life as a pauper.  – Or whatever they do.

They smoke as hard as they can, ignoring the smoke disappearing as it smoulders towards its end, savouring the taste, grateful to be smoking with all their family, friends, business partners, acquaintances, contacts and connections – who somehow all look the same…

And oh how good that smoke is.  Oh how good life is.

There’s nothing unhealthy about loving life, says Mr Douglas.  And fuck, there’s nothing unhealthy about smoking it either…


At the foot of the article it reads “Douglas Murray is director of the London-based centre for social cohesion”. Seriously.


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