you wouldnt treat your mother like this

mother earth - seen here slowly dying

the following article may not necessarily be the finest example of what it is that is infuriating me, but it has certainly proved to be the final straw of stupidity and ignorance that has prodded my anger its one last time.  So here I am, and here it is:

It seems that, for all the complaining and stigma resulting from these proposed ‘carbon taxes’, the media, the general public, carbon tax opponents and even the government (no surprise here actually) is failing to mention one fundamentally important reason why these carbon taxes ought to be recognised as an absolute necessity – end of the world anyone?

As gross an exaggeration as the ‘end of the world’ may seem, it’s certainly not something that wont eventually happen.  Now – with the help of the human race – we have the chance to make this occur as fast as we possibly can! Interestingly, we’re currently killing our race, faster than any race before us.

Fuck these carbon taxes and the fact that they suggest we should actually cut down on the resources we use, and save our money that way (the earth is just a bonus now?).  Why can we not go on enjoying electricity and gas in exorbitant amounts, like we’ve got multiple planets to skip between, as we leave a trail of destruction and depletion in our selfish wake?  Besides, you’ll only be here for 70 years or so, it really just isn’t your problem.

Perhaps this is our prime minister’s attitude – no need to mention that users should absorb the tax, pay the actual amount that these resources are worth to us – relative to their scarcity – and reduce expenses, by reducing consumption, hence her failure to pitch her idea  suggesting we cut back.

In an unfortunate period of ‘democracy’ and ‘government’ detached from the greater part of humanity’s needs, and geared entirely around profit and money, the small numbers of those reigning over our lives could hardly please us all?  Its the few fucking the few – creating one big incestuous and dim-witted, short-sighted, narrow-minded family (you still want to join them?) – and then, fucking the many.  Rest assured they’ll sell you the lube to make it less unpleasant but hey, they need the money – and you need lube.

The most poignant protest we can make against these ‘carbon taxes’ – whether they come to fruition or not – is as simple as using less electricity and lessening our dependence on the overused, over-needed and overloved products that deceitful governments in tandem with a selfish, greed-driven corporate machine poison our lives with.

Its time we paid for the earth we live in.  Gleeful thoughtless rape just wont do.

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