guide to facebook

isnt it funny how ads on the sidebar immediately categorize the user into whatever entity we may fit into, in order to exploit us?

Consider this: The ad suggests that some of my friends like ‘graffiti’ so i click like, and it suggests (that other random friends like) ‘kill billl’, yep; then Sin city – yep; then Irreversible – ‘like’; Fear n loathing in Las Vegas – yesss!; then George Orwell.. .

aaaaand on it goes.

Have we really become this predictable and obedient, or are we still the most intelligent beings on life’s food chain?

n.b: each time you click on an ad, it costs the advertiser money. by clicking on every ad the act of clicking, minus the income generation (because you didnt buy) can actually end up voiding any profit they may make.

– Happy clicking

(serving suggestion)

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