i dare you

nature - are we throwing it all away?

Nature.  With rubbish dumps in China bulging and overflowing at rates so massive that their stench can be smelt for hundreds of kilometres from their source, their government commissioning gigantic deodorizing towers to mask the smell from angry villagers and townspeople, as they continue to dump daily, tonnes of their own rubbish – and the world’s imported waste; with glaciers, ice-caps and permafrosts melting at ever-increasing rates, causing alarming rises in sea levels and shifts in the oceans currents, playing havoc with ocean temperatures, salinity and the livelihood of all earth’s water-dependent inhabitants (every single living organism); with motor vehicles – a status symbol of the modern capitalist-consumer age, an advertising-led and urban-sprawl necessity – entering, filling, congesting our roads in hoards of hundreds by the minute, driving pollution and a giant oil-hungry machine that plunders and rapes our mother earth for all her natural resources, ensuring a quickened death to our home – are we throwing it all away?  Are we burning it all down?  Or are we simply guaranteeing a grim future for the few generations that will live beyond our neglect, our selfishness and our greed?  We live on the bloated corpse of an economic system that is no longer relevant to our time, and – since its very first day – has been completely detached from the very home our race inhabits.  Controlled by a small number of maggots feeding on its insides and poisoning us all, will we see the light and change our ways, before society and nature is bled of all it has to lose?

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