Grave new world

Well, this is what it has come down to:  Now former Australian PM Kevin Rudd’s head was left bloodied on the chopping block, while the blood-red headed Julia Gillard took advantage of his unpopularity and jumped in line to try and remedy the squabbling in the political and public arena that was apparently causing Labour (or Rudd’s, or Labour’s) popularity to decline to all time lows.

In tough times, tough decisions must be made.  Hell, maybe considerations for policies and shifts away from traditional marriages and alignments are even called into order.  It seems though, the Australian public wasn’t quite ready for such a thing.

Anyway, I think I’m digressing here.  Fact is, even though food, clean water, clean air, electricity, money, security, space, life et al are all becoming more and more scarce, we are all still obsessed with one thing, and one thing only – money.  And because our former PM was being seen to be threatening the very existence of a giant, monstrous pile of this said ‘money’ he just had to go.

The Australian public in general can’t relate to Kevin Rudd anyway.  He’s well spoken, lacks a distinct ‘Aussie’ slant to his accent, he’s mindful of the environment and controlling economic growth (not just allowing it to explode), he’s highly culturally savvy, speaks another language fluently – and not one that is so easily grasped – doesn’t wear Akubras, is fit and healthy… I better not go on.

Not many Aussies really cottoned on to any of this anyway.  – That’s because it has all been cleverly disguised, with Kevin’s gentle personality and sincere soft smiles (he was hoping you wouldn’t notice, and realised that his record popularity at the start of his term was perhaps, due to a record hate being turned against the John Howard/George Bush coalition) and the trickery and careful terminologies of the opposition.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that I lend my support to Kevin Rudd, Labour or any particular political party in this country – what I’m really trying to get across is just general dismay. Disappointment.

As opposition leader Tony Abbott said so encouragingly in the Sydney Morning Herald this past weekend “this next election is going to be a referendum on tax”.  Never mind anything else – nothing at all – when Australians vote again, we won’t be voting for anything else but how big our slice will be of an ever-dwindling pie.

You can obviously forget the quality of the pie too.  Or the fact that you might not even like pie.

While everything creeps towards the point of no return (when nothing else will matter, because the earth will be a smouldering wreck) politicians and voters flail around blindly, trying to grab a hold of anything that will facilitate our consumerist hungers, in order to stuff it into their pockets and coats and wallets to keep them warm when they’re lying dead under the ground.

I suppose worms need a change away from human flesh too.  While we humans continue to eat each other though, I don’t think we realise that money itself can’t be eaten.

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