Changing our world

India is clearly struggling to keep up with the side-effects of an overwhelming desire to adopt the ways of western, capitalist culture.

Some of these shots were taken on religious sites, where there is clear and frequent signage that bans plastic of any sort, and indicates heavy fines for littering.

The sprawl of rubbish in India’s cities (dumped anywhere and everywhere) is astonishing, as they try to keep pace with our own models of consumption and throwaway.

Some may say that developed countries lack usual (as in our own) means of rubbish disposal.

There is more clear evidence to show that only recently has the need to dispose of such vast amounts of rubbish arisen.  China is a prime example, with its enormous rates of growth.

Not only has waste increased beyond control in countries such as China, Brazil, India, Singapore (all desperate to align themselves with the world’s “powerful” and “influential” capitalist, “free market” economies), but so has social unrest, and mental illness related to capitalist, consumerist, superficial, materialistic ideas.  Not to mention the illnesses and ailments we are told we have.

One need only look at the most recent news headlines:

Unprovoked murders of schoolchildren in China – as the needy are denied medical care, and governments further marginalise the poor (who are of little “worth” to the market) ; and massive protests in Singapore and Thailand – the working class becoming increasingly fed up with the gap between themselves, and the so called “elite”.

The focus is beginning to sharpen itself upon systems that are clearly changing our world  – drastically – for the worst.

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