A Lite n Easy way to die*

It seems quite absurd that a company that is promoting weight-loss, is simultaneously promoting laziness too.  Apparently (and oh how often it is proven) losing weight is hard.  So hard, that going to the effort of preparing and cooking food, is what is restricting most overweight people from losing weight.

In other words:  The effort that is being required in order to change your life is missing, though you’re also not willing to put in any effort for that effort, anyway.  A mate of mine once used to say (he was quite sarcastic) “Maybe you should move around a little bit more?”

Sounds ridiculous right? – Well, that’s because it is.  Busy lifestyle, juggling the kids, 3 jobs, tiring days, long nights – all manner of excuses and justifications as to why someone wants to lose weight, but not put in any effort.  Hell, they don’t even want to move!


Deshon: (chewing) “See, i dont know nuttin bout cooken and cleanen and that kinda thang ayneeways, jaul know whattem sayen?  So having those mo fo’s cooken for me, meanz i just getta eat and enjoy the eaten.  Hellll yeeeee-ah!”

Lewis:  (sunglasses) Lite N Easy has changed my life.  (cut to montage of different smiling faces)  “Moving from the couch to the kitchen, and then finding ideas, ingredients, utensils, hardware, crockery cutlery, means and methods to cook a meal, was taking so much time out of my day, i was forgetting my family.”

Ange:  (cut to shot of couple sitting on the couch, Ange is holding Lewis’s hand)  “He once cooked a ‘las-saying-ya’ for everybody, and the kids and i didnt see him for almost 2 weeks.  (looks at Lewis forlornly)

Kids:  (on couch now too) “We’re just glad to have our dad back.  Now he doesn’t move at all”.  (they all smile at each other, share a group hug. –  Make sure Lewis is still awake)

Isn’t life becoming far too convenient?  Isn’t everything we do becoming just a little too easy?  Would it be far-fetched to say that obesity rates have soared in most countries of the world probably more so, where  new-age, money-driven technology and its conveniences and protections, are more established and widely used?  Is anyone thinking of the word reliant?

Has the global media shifted away from educating the public or its people about health and well-being, safety and community, adventure and the world, and over to mass marketing, product creation and the manufacture of mental illnesses (amongst myriad other imaginary commodities) with all the latest potions – for example – for their cure?

Is this getting more ridiculous?

Soon, we wont even have to move to drive our cars.  Phones could be implanted in your cheek or your mouth somewhere; remote controls in your fingers.  The people selling you all the latest technologies, will also be putting on the ads, while you’re glued to the tv, buying their home delivered food, mental illnesses, talking robotic dog, 3d paintings, 4d television, walking phone and holographic waterfall.

Then we could all become as fat and lazy as we wanted.  We could have to move very little each day.  – We could even stop moving at all!

How is that living?

*any likeness to any of the characters in this story is purely coincidental.  Very much so.

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