I choose reality

It seems the internet is capable of stirring, employing, using, creating, belittling, starving, eating, raping, enhancing (i could go on) any human emotion.  At some point though, these “emotions” (that you can conjure any way you can imagine) lost their element of humanity.

Take the lonely, slovenly white guy in oversized jumper with manky hair, sitting opposite me in the internet cafe where i spawned this idea, as a case in point.  He’s chatting “realtime” with whoever it is, and obviously pretty involved.  Hopeful, even.  He’s so involved in fact, that he doesn’t realise he’s speaking loud enough for the entire room to hear.  – And the absurd things he’s saying…  He probably thinks its normal –

His lost and lonely heart makes him say things like “who’s calling you at this time of the morning?!” (someone obviously rang her phone) and “I feel like im in a queue”. So while he can feel some kind of attachment or reason to be concerned or jealous (or whatever – the internet conveys any emotion, remember?)  he can also feel the need to say things like “Oh, we’ll have much more fun than that” (yes, everyone could hear it so) and “I’d love to eat more than dinner” (heard that too) – Wrong…

One idealistic part of his thinking believes in the emotions that cause him to make the former two remarks, the other perverted idealist in his brain, renders appropriate remarks, null and void.

Really, in a world where nothing and anything can be real, we can choose which elements of humanity exist in our lives, and which don’t.  As it suits us.  So this man (for the purpose of fulfilling his dream of companionship, for example) can believe in an emotional attachment (to whoever) but ignore the normal protocols of getting to know someone, or courtship (like avoiding profane insinuations – unless that’s your thing).

We can now approach anyone we like the look of, saying whatever we want, exempt from true feelings of rejection.  We can hurl a cutting line or two, of derogatory or inappropriate abuse at someone we hate or disagree with, and not be prone to retaliation.  Even if retaliation does occur (sent back via email or “posted on your wall”) you won’t hear it.  You could delete it.  Won’t feel it.  We can watch murders, without feeling guilt.  We can steal (music, films) without worry of reprimand.  We can even send flowers or gifts, without really making a heartfelt, emotional choice.

I am not saying to cease internet use – the vast spaces of communicational and educational divides it has crossed, speak volumes  – but it seems, the more of its elements we perceive as real, the less human, humanity feels.  With robotic blowup dolls and emotion sensing artificial intelligence, our choices will soon be man, or machine…

i choose reality

One thought on “I choose reality

  1. Loved your piece. I would have loved you to take on the power of the ’emoticon’ and how it harnesses emotion in it’s tiny pixelated format!

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