they dont make em like they used to

Ever wanted to brush your teeth on the bus?  … (ill let you think about it for a bit)

Well? – Sure you have!  I can almost hear the monolithic collective sigh, of everyone who has been wondering when someone will ask them “ever wanted to brush your teeth on a bus?” ..

As poor a joke as this may seem it was actually suggested to me today.  The advertisement consumed one of the giant windows that used to frame a view to the outside world, and it boasted of ‘waterless brushing’ a ‘refresher ball’ and ‘cleaning on the go’.  It made me wonder: when (and why – if it was worth spending tens of thousands of dollars advertising it) did this become generally acceptable in every day society?  When did it surpass the point, where it didn’t make you laugh in joking, or cringe with confusion at the thought or the possibility?

How time has changed.  How natural the progression has seemed – from the interactive and energising, to the mudane and second-nature; or the manual or tactile, to the disconnected or remote;  polite, face-to-face human contact and interaction, to electronic liasons and online realities – to have led us into an increasingly detached, computerised, slothful and distant existence.

On the one hand, the advancements of technology can almost always offer (some) positive results (and invariably, some negative results too) but at what point does advertising the absurd, begin to make it  seem acceptable or ‘normal’ etc.  Is it being dictated to us, by a giant mechanism that feeds itself, and preys on human folly?

Hearing someone’s mobile phone conversation on the bus (over the music in your Mp3 player) because they’re yelling into their phone like you’re all being driven on a tractor, is still something that irks the best of us, at most times.  – Most of us will also gladly see the outside world from inside our world, filtered through the so-called ‘world wide web’.. Tangled .. Increasingly.  Not going to the video store, rather downloading it from the ‘net’.  Ooh, its another metaphor of something you can get caught or tangled in.  – Never mind, you’ll get over the uneasiness of feeling trapped, when you swallow the latest quick fix.

Are we unaware of a subliminal technological push and pull or tug-of-war,of sorts? More and more fascinated by our self-improving advancements, “clever” designs, new conveniences and easy fixes, over anything else?  Slowly losing touch with reality and society, learning about the outside world through whatever is shoved down our throats? – Like this big red ad (like blood) i saw (on the window).  And the other big red, blue, green, yellow ads that crowd our vision  and our lives, consciously and subliminally, every day..

So.  I suppose its alright for me to brush my teeth on the way to town, the next time im running late.  Or not feeling as confident as id like, and yearning for the confidence that brushing my teeth on a bus will yield.  Maybe it would build confidence, really?  After you could get over the initial humiliation of the ordeal, and the stares that you endlessly endure.  But after a full month of work and brushing your teeth on the bus (you lazy, disorganised, lethargic pig) you’ll be kicking back, and really giving those molars a massage, that tongue a tickle.

And you traverse effortlessly into another of life’s every day scenes, that mean you’re successful or happy or free or “normal”.  Think: smiling the whole time you’re on the phone, and gesticulating boisterously – because you’re phone is great!  ; Or that refreshing beverage that will however, cause rivulets of sweat to form on your cleavage or your forearms ; Or that poisonous whitening gel you use, that will actually cause a glint of light to sparkle from one of your teeth.  Maybe they should be making ads that show people enjoying themselves, while someone yells their conversation into their mobile phone for all to hear?  They’re teaching us well so far..

Don’t forget to revel in the extra 3 minutes sleep you got, as you ignore the (jealous) stares of your fellow morning commuters.

One thought on “they dont make em like they used to

  1. hey c im going to get on the bus right now- 1 oclock pm and get brushing build a real foam up and then deposit on the seat next to me!

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