Earth Hour

So.  How was it? – Did you enjoy sitting out on the heath, stewing pigeons over a fire, and playing cards and drinking homemade gin out of an old plant pot?  Or did you get all experimental with your friends, and nail canvasses to the outer walls of your house, and paint the most freely associated paintings you could – in the dark – releasing and expressing your innermost emotions, magnified by your great passion for saving energy and lessening your toll on the earth?  Or did you move in to your local squat house – which doesnt have power anyway – and hang out with its occupants, and 9 other people from down the road?  Send me your stories about what you did, now!

In any case, you probably just returned home or stopped drinking or painting or paused in eating or put yourself out, or whatever, and just flicked the lights on or the tv on or some music back on or all of it,  opened the fridge, or finished drying your hair  – and continued about your “anti-earthly” behaviour (that is, “anti-earthly” because an “earth hour” supposes that for the duration of that hour, you behave in a way that is kind to the earth) , that has brought these earthly people to come up with this earthly idea.

Be that as it may, having earth hour once a year is a great way for the earth hour foundation to raise awareness about the state of mother nature, our impact on it and what we can do to reduce this impact, and ensure her longevity.  Earth hour is also a great time for its organisers to cash in, load up, rant on, get self-righteous  and mislead.

See, a friend pointed out to me quite rightly the other day, that if cleaners or office owners or real estate agents or whoever it is (you know what im going to say, dont you) turned the lights off in all the office blocks they are or were, occupying or using, when they’re not occupying or using them (at night) we probably wouldnt need to worry too much about an “earth hour”.  Whats more, is the fact that there is little to no mention of, or word spoken against the mindless drones who just leave the lights on, in these sky reaching towers.  If we can have earth hour, why not have earth week – and campaign hard on the occupants of these artificial light-spewing  buildings (do i need to mention power-sapping?), where “earth week” money can be used to incentivise businesses, buildings or office owners?

In any case, its good to see cities, states, businesses, governments and individual citizens getting involved in what is often described as a “call for action against climate change”.  Taking yourself “off the grid” for an hour is a certain blip on an ever steady (and rising) heartbeat of consumption that our lives are today, but surely the point should be slowly taking everything back, and using less of everything we have?

One hour at a time, one hour a year can hardly be said to be a “call for action”, can it?  Im sure there are a lot of us who are conscious enough of whats happening to our natural resources, eco-systems, weather patterns, crops, water supply, top soils, marine life, sea levels, to be  unconsciously participating in “earth hours” ad nauseum?  One day at a time, lets really take ourselves off the grid.  Buy less.  And so, produce less waste.  Grow more of what you use, recycle.  Repair things.  Think differently.  About everything.

There is a radical cause called “Buy Nothing Day”, this year it will be on November 27th.  Buy Nothing Day proposes that we abstain from everything.  We turn off and unplug all our appliances, accessories, gadgets, tools, computers and phones and we dont shop or consume with any need for anything in the way of replacement, or consumption at all.  Its a serious, wildcat strike.  On everything.

Now turn off your computer.  Off.  Not on standby.  The newspaper awaits you..

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