bigoted, conniving, fat, disgusting, prejudiced, bitchy, shallow, fake, deceitful.  Looks like miss piggy after she was addicted to crack for her youth, quit, then ballooned at middle age, with burnt out skin, hair, teeth and eyes intact.  “She looks like Jabba the hut” she says of her friend’s photo that “you should check out” on Facebook.  Yeah she looks like Jabba the hut…  Maybe you should slander her for a while longer, as your friends (your girlfriend who looks like she wore a picnic rug out today, and whose face you avoid looking at, and your gay friend – half bald, sick and withering – not just because of your frightfulness) sit tight-lipped, mmmm-ing and yeah-ing as you bitch to make yourself feel better.

Fucking Jabba the hut you say?  Dont you think thats a bit rich?  Or am i forgetting that because you constantly talk down on her, and you’re dining at such a fine establishment, and drinking wine, and you’re friends are so agreeing with you, and the slandering is endless, and you’ve got all this spare time to taunt her on facebook, or defame her and slander her some more (not in front of her face mind you), that you must be better than her…… And so many other people… As you spill out of your clothing everywhere.

Insecure enough to be completely insane..

Millions of people a day, dine or drink (usually both) at restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and other similar establishments around the world each day, and behave in this manner.  There are always staff in attendance who can observe this behaviour, and some say that is a small reason as to why many of those in the service industry, enjoy what they do.  – It’s the people..

So next time you speak without thinking, remember > >


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